Vidette United Methodist Church, Vidette, Georgia   7 comments

My father served as pastor of this church from June 1980 to June 1982.  Twenty-seven years later I recall the interior of the main church building, the fellowship hall in the back, and the parsonage next door.  Also, I recall the next-door neighbor (Ola Mae Bailey) and walking routes to the local store and the Bethel Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church.

I remember that the pulpit of Vidette UMC is at the front of the building, with the choir behind it and a curved altar railing.  I recall three sections of pews.  I remember the parsonage, with its front porch and small, one-car carport, and no hallways, also.

I was in the Second and Third Grades at the time.  Here are images from then:

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  3. Hello Kenneth, I have a photo of what I think is Vidette UMC from the late 1960’s. If I can find a way to send it to you, do you think you could confirm it? The basic structure of the building is quite distinctive, but some things had changed in between my photo and yours.

    Carol Jones
    Burke County Archives

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  6. It’s interesting that Google Street View still shows the house as present, albeit in serious disrepair.

    The dining room had that brand new rust-colored carpet they had just installed, and also a bricked-in fireplace. It was good-sized, I used to practice dancing in there. I also have an image of that fireplace mantel emblazoned on my brain associated with first hearing your description of Pachelbel’s Canon as, “a prayer without words”. The kitchen was small, table in the middle, I can still see its layout. I also remember you spending a lot of time with Mrs. Ola Mae Bailey next door, you had a special relationship with her. I was on the cusp of teen years and entirely too wrapped up in myself to grasp that at the time, but now there are two little girls who like to spend a lot of time with me and I thought about you and Mrs. Bailey the other day. And I remember the playground that is apparently long gone now.

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