Feast of St. Ivo of Kermartin (May 19)   Leave a comment

Also known as Yves, Yvo, Ives, and Evann; Roman Catholic Priest; “Advocate of the Poor;” died in 1303

St. Ivo was born on January 17, 1253, at Kermartin, in Brittany.  Educated as a secular canon lawyer, St. Ivo entered the Fransciscan Order.  As an attorney he defended poor people pro bono in court, refusing the customary bribes to lawyers.  The saint favored only unavoidable lawsuits, for he preferred reconciliation over needless court costs.  Ordained a priest in 1284, he functioned as an attorney for three more years before devoting himself full-time to priestly functions.

As a priest St. Ivo led an austere life, even giving his bed away.  He also built oversaw the building of a hospital and distributed charitable funds.


Heavenly Father, shepherd of your people, we thank you for your servant St. Ivo of Kermartin, who was faithful in the care and nurture of your flock.  We pray that, following his example and the teaching of his holy life, we may by your grace attain our full maturity in Christ, through the same Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever.  Amen.

Ezekiel 34:11-16 or Acts 20:17-35

Psalm 84

1 Peter 5:1-4 or Ephesians 3;14-21

John 21:15-17 or Matthew 24:42-47


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