Babylon 5–By Any Means Necessary (1994)   1 comment

Above:  The Dock Workers of Babylon 5 are Mad as Hell, and They Won’t Take It Anymore! (They Have Nothing to Lose Except Their Chains.)


In large-scale operations there are the people high on the totem pole and there are those at the base.  This episode, the twelfth aired, tells the story of those “invisible” workers at the bottom of the totem pole.  By Any Means Necessary begins with a dock accident which destroys precious Narn cargo and kills a dock worker.

Below:  The Dead Dock Worker

The workers know that all of this was preventable.  If the equipment were better, wages were higher, and more people were working, this might not have happened.  The Earth government had promised all this last year, but had reneged.

The workers send their guild representative, Neeoma Connally, to negotiate with Commander Sinclair, who is stuck between his sympathies for the workers and his orders from his superiors.  Ms. Connally has no such difficulty, however.  She is a combination of Mother Jones, Eugene Victor Debs, and Cesar Chavez.

Below:  Neeoma Connally

The Earth government (EarthGov for short) sends their man, Orin Zento, a smooth talker who makes empty promises.  Recognizing BS when hear it, the workers strike.  Unfortunately, the only way they can strike is illegally, but they do it anyway.

At this point the Earth Senate invokes the Rush Act, which empowers Commander Sinclair to end the strike “by any means necessary.”  (Aside:  Show creator J. Michael Straczynski confirms that his wife, who wrote the episode, named the Rush Act after radio personality Rush Limbaugh, whom he and his wife regard as “the leading American proctologist.”  No argument here.)  Sinclair uses this new authority to resolve the strike in the workers’ favor, much to Mr. Zento’s dismay.

Below:  Orin Zento, Enemy of the Working Man

In the Babylon 5 universe we humans take the best and worst of our nature into outer space.  Apparently we take union-busting disregard for workers out there–certainly part of the worst of our nature.  This an excellent episode to watch on Labor Day.



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