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January 1, 2259: Earth Force One Explodes at Io, Killing Earth Alliance President Luis Santiago


Chrysalis, the first season finale, takes the series arc into darker territory than before.  It is sufficed to say that the Shadows are on the move after a thousand years.

There is a plot to assassinate Earth Alliance President Luis Santiago, reelected in the first episode of the series.  Some of the conspirators are aboard Babylon 5.  Among these are Security Chief Michael Garibaldi’s chief deputy.  Garibaldi and the rest of the command staff of the space station try to warn Santiago before it is too late, but they fail.  And Garibaldi’s chief deputy shoots him in the back.

Below:  Mr. Morden

Meanwhile, the Narn and Centauri governments are disputing Sector 37, which is either neutral or Narn space.  There is a Narn presence there, and the Centauri want it removed.  Enter Mr. Morden, agent of the Shadows, who promises that his “associates” will handle the Sector 37 problem for the Centauri and that Londo will receive the credit.  So the Shadows attack the Narns in Sector 37 and Londo’s profile with his government becomes more prominent.  Morden’s “associates,” the Shadows, do this favor for Londo.  But such favors come with high price tags, as subsequent episodes reveal.

Below:  Kosh’s Encounter Suit Opens

Kosh, the Vorlon Ambassador, knows that the Shadows have returned.  Indeed, he tangled with Morden’s “associates” in Signs and Portents, half way through the season.  After Kosh reveals his Vorlon form to Minbari Ambassador Delenn, she (Delenn) knows what she must do:  She must use the triluminary, a thousand-year-old device she received during Babylon Squared, to enter into a chrysalis stage.  She must change her form in order to fulfill her part of prophecy.  In Babylon Squared one Grey Council member had stated that prophecy will attend to itself.  This is not Delenn’s philosophy.

Above:  Delenn Preparing for Chrysalis

Delenn sends an urgent message to Commander Sinclair.  She needs to speak to him very shortly.  Yet Sinclair is distracted.  Not only is he trying to save President Santiago’s life, but he has just become engaged to Catherine Sakai.

Below:  Catherine Sakai and Commander Jeffrey Sinclair

When Kosh reminds Sinclair to meet with Delenn, it is too late.  She has entered her cocoon.  See below:

Narn Ambassador Kosh, aware that the Centauri could not have destroyed the Narn presence in Sector 37 alone, leaves the station to investigate the darkness he knows is ascendant.

And Security Chief Garibaldi is in surgery, his survival not guaranteed.

As Sinclair tells Catherine Sakai, “Nothing is the same anymore.”  He is correct; it is worse.

So ends the first season of Babylon 5.  Season One set the stage well, introducing characters and establishing the show’s universe.  The first season holds up very well over time and in the context of subsequent seasons.  Most of the episodes are excellent.  Okay, the less one says about TKO and Grail, which I chose not to review, the better.  Yet the excellent planning of series creator J. Michael Straczynski becomes apparent when one begins to watch Babylon 5 through the second time around.

Season One is very good.  The second season is even better.  Stay tuned.



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