Babylon 5–A Distant Star (1994)   1 comment

The Explorer Class Vessel Cortez Next to Babylon 5


A Distant Star explores Captain John Sheridan’s adjustment to life on the space station as well as the reality of the existence of the Shadows.

Series creator J. Michael Straczynski (JMS) received pressure from the suits to add a hot-shot pilot to the cast of characters during the second season.  So JMS added Lt. Warren Keffer, whom he killed off at season’s end.  So, there.

Captain John Sheridan’s good friend, Captain Jack Maynard, brings the Explorer Class vessel Cortez to Babylon 5 for resupplying, as well as rest and recreation.  Explorer Class ships spend years at a time in deep space, charting stars and building jump gates.

Below:  Captain John “Swamp Rat” Sheridan and Captain Jack “Stinky” Maynard

There have been reports of strange black ships on the galactic rim, where the Cortez has been for the last few years.  Captain Maynard states that he has seen such vessels, and does not know what they are.

The resupplied Cortez departs Babylon 5 and enters hyperspace.  Then an accident occurs, and Starfury fighter crafts from Babylon 5 have to rescue the Cortez before it becomes lost forever.  After that mission this is what Lt. Keffer sees in hyperspace:

It is a Shadow vessel.

Be afraid.  Be very afraid.

Keffer decides to find out what the ship is.  That quest leads to his death at the end of the season.  But I get ahead of myself.

Don’t Irritate Susan Ivanova.

On the lighter side…

In the previous episode, The Geometry of Shadows, Commander Ivanova broke a foot during the Drazi altercations.  In A Distant Star she has a follow-up visit with Dr. Stephen Franklin.  He takes the opportunity to put her on a diet…er, food plan.  Then the good doctor puts the Captain and the Security Chief on a diet…er, food plan.  All three despise their…food plans and seek ways to evade them and Dr. Franklin’s spying eyes.

Below:  Senior Officers and Their Food Plans

The season gets only darker from this point.  As the mood becomes more somber the humor does not go away, either.  But the series becomes better.  Stay tuned!



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