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Mariah Cirrus (Anne-Marie Johnson) Reacts to the News of Her Husband’s Death


The narration in the Second Season opening titles sequence labels 2259 as “the year the great war came upon us all.”  The Long Dark brings that war one step closer.

The Copernicus

Part of the backstory of Babylon 5 follows:  The Earth Alliance made first contact with aliens in 2156, 102 years before this episode’s setting.  The species of first contact was the Centauri, who gave humans jump gate technology.  (In the Babylon 5 universe most other species have technology more advanced than that people have developed.)  Jump gate technology made travel over vast distances in outer space possible and rendered sleeper ships, with crew members in crygenic suspension, obsolete.  One of these sleeper ships was the Copernicus.

The Copernicus is nearing Babylon 5.  Personnel from the space station enter the Copernicus and discover the sleeping  and well-preserved Mariah Cirrus in one tube and a dead man (her husband) in another tube.  Dr. Stephen Franklin revives Mariah, informs her of her husband’s death, and helps her acclimate to her new century and surroundings.

Amis (Dwight Schultz), Who Knows the Real Threat Aboard the Copernicus

Aboard Babylon 5 Amis, a veteran of the Earth-Minbari War (2245-2248), proclaims that the end is near and that a “Soldier of Darkness” threatens everyone aboard the station.  During the Earth-Minbari War Amis survived an alien attack on his installation.  The Earth government assigned blame to the Minbari, but Amis knows better.  The guilty party was a “Soldier of Darkness,” such as that aboard the Copernicus.

Meanwhile, certain facts become apparent.  Mariah’s husband died of organ failure.  An alien force tampered with the controls aboard the Copernicus after the crew entered cryogenic sleep.  And a new alien force is attacking sentients aboard Babylon 5.

With the assistance of Amis station security terminates the Soldier of Darkness, pictured above.

Then, after Mariah boards a ship headed for Earth, the command crew of Babylon 5 and the viewers of the episode learn another crucial fact:  Someone had altered the destination of the Copernicus while the crew members were sleeping.  The new destination was the galactic rim, near Z’ha’dum.

Be afraid.  Be very afraid.

And the Narn know what evil has awakened in recent years.  Their scriptures contain accounts and images of it.

I did not know what to make of this episode when I saw it during its first run on television, in late 1994.  Yet now I recognize all the foreshadowing The Long Dark contains.  This episode has aged very well.



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