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Above:  Sebastian Interrogating Delenn


I wrote in the previous post that Babylon 5 darkens in tone the closer the second season finale approaches.  The next episode is that season finale, and Comes the Inquisitor is quite dark–and crackling good.

Ambassador Kosh, of the Vorlons, wants to be sure that Delenn is the correct individual to lead the fight against the Shadows.  She must be the right person at the right place at the right time, or else disaster might result.  So Kosh sends for an inquisitor, who turns out to be a menacing Englishman the Vorlons abducted from London on November 11, 1888.  He calls himself “Sebastian.”

Wayne Alexander, a talented character actor, does a wonderful job of portraying Sebastian, a man who is willing to kill and who has a huge chip in his shoulder.  Why, he wonders, does Delenn presume to believe that she has a mission to fulfill?  Does she think that she on a mission from God?  Is she–or anyone else–really that important?  How far is Delenn willing to go to fulfill her destiny?  Which sacrifices will she make?

ASIDE:  Words do not do justice to the performances of Wayne Alexander, Bruce Boxleitner, or Mira Furlan (Sebastian, Sheridan, and Delenn, respectively).  One must see them to appreciate them fully.

When Lennier informs Sheridan that Sebastian might kill Delenn, Sheridan interrupts the interrogation.  So Sebastian begins to interrogate Sheridan.  At this point Delenn reveals that she is willing to die for Sheridan.  She has passed the test.  There is no greater love, Sebastian says, quoting the Bible, than to lay down one’s life for one’s brother–to die for one person, perhaps in shame.  Sheridan and Delenn are the right people in the right place at the right time.

Shortly before Sebastian leaves Babylon 5 Captain John Sheridan completes some research and discovers the inquisitor’s true identity.  Sebastian was a man who looked around late Victorian London and saw immorality and decadence.  He believed that he had a mission from God to act against it.  But he did not have a mission from God, and he did act properly.  The Vorlons showed him the error of his ways and have forced him to do penance for nearly 400 years.  Now Sebastian just wants to die.

Sebastian addresses Captain Sheridan as he leaves the space station:

Good luck to you in your holy cause, Captain Sheridan. May your choices have better results than mine. Remembered not as a messenger, remembered not as a reformer, not as a prophet, not as a hero… not even as Sebastian. Remembered only… as Jack.

Above:  Jack the Ripper in Late 2259

So, Sheridan and Delenn are preparing to fight the Shadows, and they have the blessing of the Vorlons and Jack the Ripper.  (I would not covet the endorsement of the latter, but he is the Vorlons’ tool.)

Above:  Garibaldi and G’Kar

Matters are looking up for G’Kar, too.  His homeworld fell in the previous episode (bad news), and he is incapable of forgiving the Centauri yet (understandable), but he is arranging for the purchase and transportation of weapons for the resistance.  Security Chief Michael Garibaldi convinces G’Kar to stop transporting them via Babylon 5 (for the sake of station security and for political reasons) yet provides a superior, alternative route away from the space station.  This is good news.  And the Rangers prove they can carry messages between the Narn homeworld and Narns living on Babylon 5, thus improving G’Kar’s status with the station Narns.  This is more good news.

There is hope…after all.



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