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A Shadow Vessel “Awakens” and Fires on a Base at Ganymede


The third season began with the Earth government (Earthgov for short) claiming that it knew nothing about Shadow vessels.  As you, O observant reader, might have figured out by now, Earthgov lied.  This episode proves that point further.

But let us begin with G’Kar.

G’Kar, formerly the Narn ambassador, is putting his incarceration to good use.  He is reflecting on his vision from Dust to Dust and writing.  He seems to be the happiest prisoner in the cellblock, although some passersby who hear his singing think the guards are torturing him.  This writing will lead to the Book of G’Kar, a major plot point in the series.  Another crucial plot point is that Security Chief Michael Garibaldi has been reading the Book of G’Quan at G’Kar’s request.  Without divulging too much prematurely, I say the following:  Narn spiritual texts can offer much practical good for Narns and non-Narns alike.

Now, back to our main story.

Dr. Mary Kirkish

Dr. Mary Kirkish has arrived on Babylon 5.  She is on the run from those who are trying to kill her.  A few years ago, while on Mars, the archaeologist for Interplanetary Expeditions, a corporation with ties to the military, observed the excavation of a Shadow vessel and the subsequent arrival of a second Shadow vessel to escort the first one away from Mars.  She knows that there is a recently uncovered Shadow vessel on Ganymede, and Earthgov wants to keep this one.

Captain Sheridan knows that he cannot permit President Clark to keep a Shadow vessel.  For the first time he must oppose his own government directly.  So he arranges for a cover story as he travels to the White Star, which he takes to Ganymede.

He is too late, though.  An unfortunate human enters the Shadow vessel and joins with it.  (Shadow vessels use living creatures as CPUs.)  The joining did not go well, however, so the ship is insane and out of control.  It fires on the Ganymede base and pursues the White Star.  Sheridan takes the White Star into Jupiter, knowing that the Shadow vessel will follow him.  The White Star survives, although the Shadow vessel does not.  Then the Agamemnon, Sheridan’s former command, fires on the White Star.   Sheridan refuses to fire on his old ship, and devises a way for the White Star to escape to safety.

Doesn’t the Night Watch Leader Aboard Babylon 5 Look Like an Aryan?

Back in the late second season, Zack Allen, the second-highest ranking person in the security division, joined Night Watch for the extra money in his paycheck.  During subsequent episodes he became increasingly uneasy about Night Watch as it began to crack down on dissidents.  He wasn’t reporting enough suspicious behavior, people said.

At the end of Messages from Earth the Babylon 5 head of Night Watch informs Zack that Captain Sheridan has been off the station for a few days.  This is suspicious, is it not?  Where will Zack’s loyalties reside in the end?

The episode ends with President Clark blaming the destruction of the Ganymede base on aliens and declaring martial law on Earth, citing threats to planetary security.  This is a good time to paraphrase Benjamin Franklin:  A person who trades his or her liberty for security is doomed to lose both.

How will our intrepid heroes deal with martial law?  What will Night Watch personnel aboard Babylon 5 do next?  Now that Night Watch has Captain Sheridan in its sights, what will happen to him?  And what are the highest loyalties one should honor?

Stay tuned and keep reading.



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