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The Reborn


Babylon 5 broke away from the Earth Alliance in the previous episode.  The Earth government, now a dictatorship, is not taking this development blithely.  There are still plain clothes Night Watch personnel on board the space station, and they have their orders.

Minbari ships are guarding Babylon 5.  Fleet Captain Lenann comes aboard the station to take a tour of the place he helped save.  Night Watch personnel abduct Lenann and Ambassador Delenn.

Below:  Lenann and Delenn in Captivity

Captain Sheridan and Security Chief Garibaldi begin their search for the captive Minbari, in order to save their lives.  They succeed, of course, but not without Sheridan realizing how emotionally attached he has become to Delenn.

Prior to this abduction Delenn had been planning a Minbari rebirth ceremony.  Each guest needs to give up something valuable and admit a secret, so that he or she can progress less burdened into the future.   Londo Mollari sees no point in the ceremony.  G’Kar is too busy.  Marcus Cole clings to his guilt related to the death of his brother and his grief over having lost everything to the Shadows.  Lennier fulfills his part of the ceremony by telling Marcus that he loves Delenn with a love he knows will always be unrequited.

Londo and Refa

In a separate story thread, Ambassador Londo Mollari continues to try to back away from the Shadows.  He tells former ally Lord Refa that the Centauri Republic is fighting wars on too many fronts–12, to be exact–simultaneously.  To fight a war on two fronts is foolish, but 12 fronts?  Out of patriotism, Londo tries to get his nation out of this trouble.  He introduces half a two-part poison into Lord Refa’s system and tells Refa to stop dealing with Mr. Morden and to advise Emperor Cartagia to end the needless wars–OR ELSE.

In a humorous story thread, Security Chief Garibaldi reboots the station’s computer, only to discover the grumpy AI, Sparky.  The scene in which Garibaldi, fed up, shoots out a speaker to quiet Sparky is quite satisfying.

Lennier with Delenn after Her Rescue

Sheridan, Ivanova, Franklin, and Garibaldi bring the rebirth ceremony to the recuperating Delenn.  Each surrenders his or her Earth Force duty uniform.  Sheridan reveals that he was willing to kill the Night Watch gunman to save Delenn’s life.  Garibaldi is afraid to let go, Franklin has a problem (an addiction), and Ivanova thinks that she loved Talia Winters.  Delenn left a gift for each of the four:  they have new uniforms, as shown at the top of this post.

Now, with our intrepid heroes separated from Earth Force, they are free to fight the Shadows and the Clark Administration (in that order) without anyone looking over their shoulders.

When I teach World History II I begin with the Bubonic Plague.  My reason is simple:  The modern world exists in the shadow of the Renaissance, or Rebirth, which followed the Bubonic Plague.  Resurrection, I tell my students, entails returning in an altered form.  Yet the resurrected one is not entirely new; much of the former self remains.   Our reborn heroes in Babylon 5 carry much–good and bad–into their reborn forms.  Don’t we all?

Stay tuned and keep reading!



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