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ALWAYS Be Very Afraid When Mr. Morden Visits


We all have problems, but how do we deal with them?  Do we make foolish decisions, or wise ones?  Do we attempt to handle them by ourselves, even when they are greater than we are, or do we seek help?

And do we understand what others say when they speak to us?

Keep these questions in mind as you read the rest of this post.

Vir Cotto Making Romantic Arrangements for Londo Mollari, Awkwardly


Lord Refa is no longer returning Mr. Morden’s calls.  (Refa wants to avoid the second half of Londo’s poison.)  And Londo is expecting a visit by Adira, his girlfriend from Born to the Purple, from early in the first season.

Vir Cotto had been the Centauri Ambassador to Minbar, briefly.  Then he got caught helping Narns escape to freedom.  This happened a few episodes ago in Sic Transit Vir, which I did not summarize or review.  (I preferred to get on with the main series arc.)  Now Vir is back on Babylon 5 as Londo’s aide, under Mollari’s watchful eye.  Morden witnesses Vir making arrangements for Adira’s visit and stumbling over questions about garters and such matters.  Then Morden hatches a plot to arrange for Adira’s poisoning and death, which he blames on Lord Refa.  Londo, heartbroken, turns to Morden for help in taking revenge.  Londo resumes his dance with the Devil.

This can lead only to bad results.

Dr. Stephen Franklin Has a Major Problem


Dr. Stephen Franklin has struggled with his addiction to stimulants, or “stims,” during the third season.  They keep him alert during long work hours, but at what cost?  Finally, in Interludes and Examinations, Dr. Franklin hits the proverbial wall.  Security Chief Michael Garibaldi, a recovering alcoholic, recognizes all the signs of trouble and tries to help Dr. Franklin, who rebuffs him.  Then Dr. Franklin realizes that Garibaldi is correct, yet admits his addiction.  Yet the good doctor takes matters into his own hands; he resigns his position aboard Babylon 5.  He decides to go on Walkabout, whereby he walks until he finds himself, which he does a few episodes later.

I pause that part of the story now, before I get ahead of myself.

The Vorlons Attack the Shadows for the First Time


Captain John Sheridan cannot persuade member species of the League of Non-Alligned Worlds to join his cause without a victory against the Shadows.  Only the Vorlons can provide that victory, and they have held back until now.  So Sheridan asks Kosh to convince his fellow Vorlons to attack the Vorlons.  Kosh agrees ultimately, but with a caveat:  He (Kosh) will not be around to help Sheridan any longer.  Sheridan mistakes this for a threat, but it is merely a statement of fact.

The Vorlons attack the Shadows, and Sheridan gets his new allies.  But the Shadows kill Kosh in revenge.  Kosh, dying, appears to Captain Sheridan in the form of Sheridan’s father David.  Kosh says:

“It’s too late for me. I’m sorry for what I did before. I knew what was ahead. I guess… I guess I was afraid. When you’ve lived as long as I have, you… you kind of get used to it. I wish I could have done more for you. There’s so much I should have said… And now it’s too late. You’re right. It’s time you begin this war your way.” He wrenches in pain again. “I’ve got to go now, John.”

Below:  Kosh as David Sheridan

What will the Vorlons do now, that Kosh is dead?  Stay tuned and keep reading.

One of the themes of Interludes and Examinations is that one should name make big decisions out of anger or fear.  Most of us know this when we are calm, but not when we are in the moment.  And we reap the harvest we sow.  Some things never change.



All images are property of Warner Brothers, and I do not profit from said images.

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