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Captain Sheridan Thinking Logically about Illogical Things While Delenn Looks On


Series Creator J. Michael Straczynski (JMS) is a lapsed Roman Catholic turned Atheist–not a militant Fundamentalist Atheist in the style of Christopher Hitchens, Bill Maher, or Richard Dawkins–just an Atheist.  Yet, in Babylon 5, JMS gave religion its due, for better and worse.  This pattern continues in And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place.


Captain Sheridan is spending too much time in the War Room, becoming cranky while analyzing battle strategies of the Shadows.  There don’t seem to be any actual strategies, just random attacks.  This, Sheridan says, is enough to make one’s hair stand on end.  That, Delenn jokes, explains the Centauri.  Delenn convinces Sheridan to leave the War Room long enough to join her and some guests for dinner.

The guests are four religious figures from Earth:  a Buddhist monk, an Islamic cleric, a rabbi, and the Rev. Will Dexter, a Baptist minister.  These men are agents of the Resistance against President Clark’s administration.  They believe that change is not optional; it will come.  The real question is who will change the world, and they want to do that.  They reveal that the Resistance is alive and well back home, although many people accept Clark’s dictatorship passively, and others embrace it actively.

Lord Refa and Minister Drigo on Babylon 5

The struggle between Ambassador Londo Mollari and Lord Refa plays out on Babylon 5.  Refa brings Minister Drigo from Centauri Prime to demonstrate what “Londo has become,” and Londo tries to persuade Drigo that Refa is not trustworthy.  Drigo is not impressed with either man.

Londo uses Vir Cotto, his long-suffering aide, to advance his own position within the Centauri Republic.  Londo orders Vir to deliver a false message to G’Kar, to lure the former ambassador back to Narn, where the Centauri forces can capture him.  Vir is unwilling, but he has no choice.

Lord Refa has Vir abducted and scanned by a Centauri telepath.  Armed with Vir’s memories of Londo’s orders, Refa departs for Narn.

Reverend Dexter Counseling Captain Sheridan

Late at night, Reverend Dexter wanders past Captain Sheridan’s office and finds Sheridan still working.  Dexter asks with whom Sheridan shares his burdens.  The answer is no one.  Dexter then says that Delenn loves Sheridan; that much is obvious.  Also, Dexter states, Sheridan needs to empty his “worry tank” regularly in order to be a good officer and commander.  And, Dexter advises, Sheridan should share his burdens with Delenn.


G’Kar returns to Narn, which suffers from the environmental damage the Centauri war has wrought.  Refa, accompanied by contingent of security guards, has arrived, also.

Back on Babylon 5, Sheridan finally understands the Shadows’ strategy.  They are herding war refugees into a “safe zone,” which they will strike in time.  Such an attack will induce great terror among the enemies of the Shadows.

Speaking of terror…

Back on Narn, Refa meets G’Kar face-to-face.  G’Kar, Refa says, has taken his last steps as a free Narn.  Yet G’Kar knows something Refa does not.  Londo has made arrangements with G’Kar for the release of 2000 Narns from captivity in exchange for G’Kar’s help.  1000 have their freedom already.  Londo has informed G’Kar of Refa’s role in the Narn-Centauri War and the subsequent genocide.  Also, the Centauri guards, who are loyal to House Mollari, desert Refa.  This leaves Lord Refa to meet his fate at the hands vengeful Narns, just as, back on Babylon 5, a Gospel singer belts out a jaunty Hellfire song, “And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place.”

There is no hiding place for Lord Refa.

Londo springs Vir from captivity on Babylon 5.  Vir is understandably angry about how Londo has used him, but what can the diplomatic aide do?  Londo has accomplished his goal:  House Mollari is ascendant, and House Refa is disgraced.

Reverend Dexter’s sermon during the service aboard Babylon 5 is very good.  Who is the enemy?   The enemy is not the one who disagrees with us or who is different from us.  The enemy is not the alien, for we are all alien to one another.  No, the enemy is the one who tells we that we ought to fear and hate the aliens and those who are different from us and who disagree with us.  The enemy is hate itself, and that hate will destroy the person who harbors it.

Later, aboard the White Star, Delenn shows Captain Sheridan the newly completed White Star fleet, built to fight the Shadows.  Then they kiss for the first time.

There are two more remarkable episodes left in the third season.  Hang on; you are in for an emotional roller coaster.



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