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One of the few jokes from Epiphanies:  Three “Kings”


The Shadow War is over.  The good guys have won.  So our heroes can relax, correct?  No!  And, by the way, the consequences of the Shadow War begin to unfold immediately, in this episode.

(Minister) Virini, the Newly-Appointed Regent of the Centauri Republic

Prime Minister Londo Mollari departs Centauri Prime and returns to Babylon 5.  Londo is not the most popular person in the Centauri government after the assassination of Emperor Cartagia and the Centauri withdrawal from Narn.  Before he leaves, however, Londo informs Minister Virini, with whom he has had dealings over the years, that the powers that be have made Virini the new Regent, until the appointment of a new emperor.  Virini’s presentation of himself is not serious, although there is certainly a serious Centauri beneath the surface.  Yet, if I were a Centauri, I would probably not find Regent Virini reassuring.

G’Kar is back on Babylon 5, about to be fitted with a prosthetic eye to replace the one Cartagia’s guards gouged out.  G’Kar had turned down power immediately after the announcement of the restoration of Narn independence.  He had also denounced the plans of some to seek revenge on the Centauri.  Do not think, however, that G’Kar is in forgiveness mode yet; for him, Londo has ceased to exist.  G’Kar’s spiritual jouney is far from over.

The programming of Michael Garibaldi continues to the point that he resigns as Chief of Security.  Thus he isolates himself further from his friends and becomes more vulnerable to insidious outside influences.

Earth Alliance President William Morgan Clark, who ascended to his office with Shadows help via the assassination of his predecessor, Luis Santiago, on January 1, 2259, is concerned.  The Shadows are gone, thanks in large part to Captain John Sheridan.  Clark knows that Sheridan will come after him next.  So Clark sets in motion an elaborate plan to shut down Babylon 5.

One element of this plan is the economic isolation of Babylon 5 from Earth.  The military aspect of this effort is placing fighters strategically so they can intercept vessels headed for B5.

Alfred Bester, a Psi-Cop and recurring antagonist, plays his part in this anti-Babylon 5 effort.  He sends Black Omega, a squadron of Psi Corps fighter pilots, to fight a regular Earth Force contingent assigned to intercept vessels headed for B5.  Then he goes to Babylon 5 and informs the command crew of Black Omega’s mission (but his role in it) exchange for a trip to Z’ha’dum, to obtain technology to remove the implants from the rogue telepaths B5 ships intercepted during the previous year, in Ship of Tears.  Among these unfortunate telepaths is Bester’s lover, and he is at more loyal to her as he is to the Psi Corps.

Lyta Alexander, a rogue telepath who worked for the Vorlons before they left the galaxy, carries Vorlon programming and enhanced telepathic abilities.  She is now more powerful than Bester, and she delights in demonstrating this to him, as the picture below proves:

Bester does not get his wish:  Lyta uses her Vorlon-enhanced abilities to trigger the self-destruct machinery on Z’ha’dum.  The White Star ship arrives just in time to see the planet explode as unidentified vessels evacuate it and jump away into hyperspace.

Below:  Sheridan and Bester View an Image of Z’ha’dum

Sheridan confronts Lyta back on Babylon 5.  He tells her that she should not do anything else like that again–OR ELSE.

Lyta Alexander has been through a great deal.  Ulkesh, the last Vorlon Ambassador to Babylon 5, had forced Lyta to rid herself of all her furniture except her bed.  Now that the Vorlons are gone, Lyta is buying new furniture and wondering why nobody stops by to say hello.  The answer is plain:  people are afraid of her, and the Vorlons are unpopular immediately after the Shadow War.  Fortunately for Lyta, Zack Allan, the new Security Chief, is sympathetic to her.  So he buys a pizza for them to share and offers to help her redecorate her quarters.

Below:  Zack and Lyta

Those ships evacuating Z’ha’dum headed toward Z’ha’dum go to Centauri Prime.  Late one night Regent Virini awakens from what he says is just a nightmare.  But it is not a nightmare:

It is a Keeper, such as the one Emperor Londo Mollari carries in the 2278 sequences from War Without End, Parts I and II.

Be afraid.  Be very afraid.



All images are property of Warner Brothers, and I do not profit from said images.

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