Babylon 5–Racing Mars (1997)   3 comments

Number One, the Leader of the Mars Resistance


The struggle between the forces of light and the soldiers of darkness continues in Racing Mars.  And sometimes placing a person inside one category can be difficult.  Life is like that.

Commander Ivanova “Enlisting” the Aid of Some Shady Characters

President Clark’s embargo of Babylon 5 is taking its toll on the station.  Captain Sheridan recognizes the necessity of seeking certain items on the black market.  Ivanova, being resourceful, assumes responsibility for this effort and convenes a meeting of shady characters, such as smugglers, drug dealers, and arms merchants.  She makes them an offer they cannot refuse:  Work with Babylon 5, bringing in necessary supplies and benefiting from the technical support B5 can offer, or run the risk of certain “accidents.”  Ivanova is quite persuasive.

Dr. Franklin, Tired of Marcus After Two Weeks

The ebuliant Marcus Cole has gotten on Dr. Franklin’s last nerve after two weeks of travel to Mars.  Fortunately, they have arrived at their destination and met their contact, who calls himself Captain Jack.

Below:  Captain Jack

Captain Jack hands Marcus and Dr. Franklin their stolen fake IDs, the only ones the Resistance could find.  Marcus finds the fact the stolen fake IDs identify them as newlyweds hilarious; Dr. Franklin is not so amused.  Marcus is annoyed, however, to learn that the Earth’s control of access to news means that members of the Mars Resistance have only a vague awareness of the Shadow War.  He is a war hero, and almost nobody knows about it.

Captain Jack has a secret, which he tries to divulge subtly.  Someone planted a Keeper on him some time ago.  The Keeper controls him, that is, until Marcus shoots the Keeper off Jack’s shoulder.  Jack runs off and commits suicide, for he knows that the Keeper will grow back within a few hours.  And Dr. Franklin knows that a legacy of the Shadows persists on Mars.

ISN has been running a critical interview Michael Garibaldi gave to “journalist” Dan Randall in The Illusion of Truth.  Captain Sheridan has been watching this coverage and becoming increasingly annoyed with his former security chief.  So Sheridan confronts Garibaldi, who refuses to back down.  Watching all this are some men (who will become pivotal to the story arc) who convince Garibaldi to betray Sheridan to them–for Sheridan’s own good, they say.

Roll to end credits.

One line of dialogue from Mr. Garibaldi reveals a change in Roman Catholic policy toward the ordained ministry by 2261.  Garibaldi uses the pronoun “her” in reference to the Pope.  One episode of Crusade, the short-lived spin-off of Babylon 5, establishes that Bernadette II is the Pope in 2267.  So there is good news in Racing Mars.



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