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Commander Ivanova Listening to Captain Sheridan’s Sales Pitch for the Voice of the Resistance


Babylon 5 is a series in part about decisions and their consequences.  Captain Sheridan is about to have to make some extremely difficult, even dangerous decisions.  Delenn face the negative consequences of a previous and necessary decision.

And we learn that Commander Ivanova does not think of herself as “chopped phlarn.”

Number One, Leader of the Mars Resistance

Ranger Marcus Cole and Dr. Stephen Franklin are on Mars, on a mission from Captain Sheridan.  An ambassador of a sort from Babylon 5, Dr. Franklin assures the Mars rebels of Captain Sheridan’s support for planetary independence from Earth.  And Franklin backs up Number One’s policy against free-lancing acts of violence; she is in charge of the resistance movement.

The scene in which Number One castigates a member of her group for bombing the Red Planet Hotel  demonstrates how forceful a personality she is.  I would not want to cross her.  Number One is definitely female, as Dr. Franklin discovers.  The major hint of this for viewers is an unseen, overheard, “O, Stephen!” just before the end credits roll.

ISN’s Continuing Coverage of “Minbari War Syndrome”

Captain Sheridan has been staying up late, watching too much ISN propaganda and becoming irritated.  He claims to be gathering intelligence.  Sheridan has an idea early one morning, at an ungodly hour, and, in his enthusiasm, rousts Commander Ivanova out of her bed.

Ivanova, standing in her robe, in her quarters, says that neither has no interest in Sheridan and he none in her, but the least he could do is compliment her on her outfit.  She is not “chopped phlarn.”  On cue, Sheridan says, “Nice outfit, Ivanova.”  Ivanova, unhappy to be out of bed so early, expels Sheridan from her quarters so she can change into uniform.

In the vacant War Room, Sheridan proposes the Voice of the Resistance, an accurate broadcast of Earth Civil War news, to be broadcast from the War Room.  Ivanova has face people trust, Sheridan says.  He convinces her, but she still wants to go to bed.

Delenn, Realizing that She Has Been Away from Home Too Long

Delenn dissolved the Grey Council during the previous season of Babylon 5.  Prophecy of Valen (actually the written memories of Jeffrey David Sinclair) had foretold this.  In the absence of the Grey Council to balance the three castes–Worker, Warrior, and Religious–the Warrior Caste has begun a Minbari civil war, expelling members of other castes from cities and forcing sometimes deadly migrations.  Some members of the Religious Caste, in their desperation and ignorance, have turned for help to a mysterious race, the Drakh, who just lost their own world.  That world was Z’ha’dum, and the Drakh worked for the Shadows.

Delenn and her forces destroy the Drakh ships:

Then Delenn returns briefly to Babylon 5.  She tells Sheridan that she needs to go home and tend to crucial business there.  Delenn says also that she knows that Sheridan has denied since he returned from Z’ha’dum:  that he is a different, darker, more dangerous man.  Sheridan needs to be more dangerous now and in the immediate future, and he will not feel comfortable being dangerous in her presence.  So she will depart tomorrow.

Indeed, Sheridan will win the Earth Civil War, but not without being dangerous–and he will have no other choice.  But, as Sheridan says at the end of the season, he uses people only when he has to do so.  Captain Sheridan is a hero, not a saint.



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