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Delenn Institutes the New Grey Council


This is how the Minbari Civil War ends:

The Starfire Wheel

Before Valen came, a thousand years ago, warring Minbari castes settled disputes in the Starfire Wheel, which can be deadly.  But, with the Warrior Caste having abandoned the wisdom of Valen, Delenn says, the Warrior Caste should be consistent and accept the Starfire Wheel, too.  Delenn risks her life in the Starfire Wheel and challenges Shakiri, head of the Warrior Caste, to join her in it.  She is willing to die for her caste; is he willing die for his?  He is not, and so Neroon, of the Warrior Caste, enters the Starfire Wheel, pushes Delenn out of it, announces that he is Religious Caste in his heart, and dies.  The head of the Warrior Caste is discredited, and Delenn forms a new Grey Council.  The old Grey Council had equal representation among the three castes–Worker, Religious, and Warrior.  The new Grey Council gives the Worker Caste a plurality.  Now the Religious and Warrior Castes will serve the workers.  But Delenn is not a part of the Council; she has other work to do.

Below:  Neroon Dying in the Starfire Wheel

Above:  Lyta Alexander and Alfred Bester

The date is August 3, 2261.

Lyta Alexander is having a difficult time.  The Vorlons are no longer around to protect her from the Psi Corps.  Furthermore, many clients, concerned about liability, refuse to work with her anymore until she rejoins the Corps.  William Edgars tells Mr. Garibaldi to stop hiring Lyta, for Edgars distrusts telepaths.  Furthermore, Zack Allan asks her to move to smaller quarters, because of her inability to pay for the ones she inhabits.  And Alfred Bester is back on the station to make Lyta on offer:  She will give the Psi Corps custody of her body after her death if she dies of natural causes, she will wear the Psi Corps logo again, and he will remove her name from the rogue telepaths list.  Lyta will be able to work again.  Lyta is experiencing much stress, and more is to come.

Lyta as She Begins to Wear the Psi Corps Logo Again

The character of Lyta Alexander is quite interesting.  I am, of course, familiar with the beginning, middle, and end of her character development in the series.  Without giving away too much, I can say that pressures continue to build and that she winds up in a dark, yet understandable (given the circumstances) place.  How much can one person take before snapping?

The Righteous Indignation of Commander Susan Ivanova

In the final minutes of the episode Commander Ivanova storms into Captain Sheridan’s quarters.  She is livid and distraught, saying, “The bastards!”  It is a justifiable curse.  For some time President Clark’s forces have beseiged the rebellious colony at Proxima III.  Colonists have become desperate and short on vital supplies, such as food.  Ivanova has just received footage of an Earth Force destroyer firing on an unarmed transport convoy carrying 10,000 wounded civilians fleeing Proxima III.  She will air the footage on Voice of the Resistance once she is calm enough to do so.

Sheridan tells Ivanova that he will prepare immediately to fight the Earth government and to depose President Clark.  He continues:

Any crew that executes an order like that is guilty of war crimes, and they deserve whatever they get….Anybody who wants to defect and join us, fine. If they get in our way, we will knock them down. If they kill one of our ships, we’ll kill three of theirs. And we keep going. We never slow down, and we won’t stop… We’re going after the colonies, then Mars… and then Earth. And God help anybody who gets in our way.

He means it.

If you thought the season was good so far, buckle your seat belt and hang on for the ride.



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