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John Sheridan Returns to Delenn


The Earth Civil War is nearing its end, but President Clark still has a few tricks up his sleeve.  Defeating him and terminating his tyranny will prove difficult and the price will be high.  Between the Darkness and the Light illustrates the cost some people must pay for that high goal to become reality.

Michael Garibaldi Attempting to Convince the Mars Resistance of His Innocence

Captain Sheridan is still in custody on Mars as the episode opens.  Michael Garibaldi contacts the Mars Resistance, which distrusts him and considers him a traitor.  Fortunately, Lyta Alexander is on hand to scan Garibaldi and confirm his story of how Alfred Bester programmed him to turn against Sheridan.  Once more on the good side of the Resistance, Garibaldi works with Lyta, Dr. Franklin, and Number One to liberate Captain Sheridan.  Garibaldi is in a good position to do this, given that ISN has announced that he betrayed Sheridan.

Lyta Alexander, Michael Garibaldi, and Dr. Stephen Franklin Liberating Captain Sheridan

Our heroes free the drugged-up Captain Sheridan.  Garibaldi pretends to be a Clark partisan, which is how he gets to Sheridan.  When Garibaldi cites the ISN broadcasts as evidence that he is on Clark’s side, one reactionary jarhead replies, “I don’t watch TV.  It is a cultural wasteland filled with inappropriate metaphors and an unrealistic portrayal of life created by the liberal media elite.”  (How reactionary does one have to be to consider the Clark-controlled ISN, a mere propaganda mouth piece, liberal?)

Back on the space station, the League of Non-Aligned Worlds has voted to support Captain Sheridan and Delenn.  It has done this in such a way as to avoid any appearance that Delenn has had anything to do with the vote.  (She, in fact, has had nothing to do with the vote.)  The reason for special care to present the proper appearance is the Sheridan-Delenn relationship; the League’s action must look like what it is:  an attempt to help the Humans help themselves.

Sheridan and Delenn are not alone.

The Earth Force Advanced Task Force, Which Features Shadow Technology

Some of those who join the anti-President Clark forces are double agents, so Clark knows Commander Ivanova’s plans.  Clark has a surprise waiting for them at the next scheduled sector of space.  There is a task force of advanced destroyers.  The commanders are loyal to Clark, and this is supposed to be an ambush.  But Commander Ivanova learns of this and decides to take the White Star fleet to intercept these vessels.  The fleet must not lose its Earth component, she concludes, with a keen eye toward public relations.  The campaign to depose President Clark must not appear to be mostly or purely alien.  If it does, appearances will play into Clark’s hands.

The White Star fleet arrives at the designated sector of space and finds hybrid vessels with Shadow technology incorporated into the hull design.   (Yes, the legacy of the Shadows persists.)  Ivanova goes ballistic, refusing to surrender when Captain Jake Thompson, the commanding officer of the advanced task force, orders her to lay down arms.

Commander Ivanova:  “God sent me.”

Ivanova’s reply, which actress Claudia Christian delivered while chewing the scenery, is unambiguous:

Who am I? I am Susan Ivanova. Commander. Daughter of Andre and Sophie Ivanov. I am the right hand of vengeance and the boot that is going to kick your sorry ass all the way back to Earth, sweetheart. I am death incarnate, and the last living thing that you are ever going to see. God sent me.

A word to the wise:  NEVER mess with Commander Ivanova.  The advanced destroyer group does not survive, and, unfortunately, Ivanova comes through the battle injured serverely:

Yet she cleared Captain Sheridan’s path to Mars, the last stop before Earth.  Ivanova, with only a few days left to live, asks Sheridan, who has just returned to the fleet, to command the last battles from his old command, the Agamemnon.

Captain Sheridan, Commanding the Fleet from the Agamemnon:  On to Mars

The next episode, Endgame, features the final battle of the Earth Civil War.  Stay tuned and keep reading!



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