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Commander Ivanova Giving the Order to Shoot Michael Garibaldi on Sight if He Boards Babylon 5


A cliche says that it is darkest before the dawn.  Babylon 5 is getting very dark.  The series is best when dark, so it is spectacular toward of the fourth season, where The Face of the Enemy falls.

It is late 2261, and Captain Sheridan’s forces are headed for Earth, ultimately.  Think of the Allied strategy in the Pacific Theater of World War II:  beginning at the periphery of the Japanese Empire and moving toward the home islands.  That is what Sheridan and his forces are doing in relation to Earth.

Earth Alliance ships fight more fiercely as Sheridan and his forces approach Earth.  President Clark has told his captains that surrendering to Sheridan or attempting to join forces with him is futile, for Sheridan has the crews killed and the Earth ships crewed with Minbari.  Many captains believe this lie, a fact which explains their fierce fighting, sometimes to the death.  Fortunately, Captain MacDougan of the Vesta (from No Surrender, No Retreat) is present and able to make the lie obvious.

Captain Sheridan, Beardless

There is more good news.  The Agamemnon, Sheridan’s former command, arrives.  The ship’s commanding officer, Captain James, wants to join the fight, as does the rest of the crew.

On Mars:  Number One and Dr. Stephen Franklin

Dr. Stephen Franklin and telepath Lyta Alexander arrive on Mars, with 30 Shadow technology-implanted telepaths as their cargo.  Number One, the head of the Mars Resistance, is quite angry.  Resisting President Clark is perilous, and that task just became more dangerous and difficult.  And having to find a safe place to store the telepaths has come as a surprise.  Number One’s anger is not entirely unjustified.

Michael Garibaldi, Pondering His Proverbial Thirty Pieces of Silver

Michael Garibaldi has done what he told William Edgars he would do.  Earth Force has David Sheridan, Captain John Sheridan’s father, in custody.  Furthermore, Garibaldi has sent a message to Captain Sheridan, who has met him in a Mars bar, where Garibaldi has drugged him and where plain-clothes Earth Force personnel have jumped and beaten Sheridan.  The Clark-controlled ISN hails this as a great victory for Earth, spewing the lie happily that Earth Force is treating Sheridan well and that he, now free of alien influence, has recanted his actions against President Clark and Earth.  In reality, Earth government guards have been beating Sheridan, who was never under negative alien influence and who has not recanted anything.

Now William Edgars and Wade, his trusted aide, reveal everything to Garibaldi, who has a trouble conscience, despite outside conditioning.  Edgars Industries has developed a virus which affects only telepaths, and plans to release the virus in the short term.  Not coincidentally, Edgars Industries has also developed the antidote.  So William Edgars will be able to control the telepaths.

Garibaldi begins to shut down and removes an artificial molar with a transmitter inside.  He goes to a transport tube car, where Psi-Cop Alfred Bester joins him.  Bester reveals the whole story:  He has programmed and used Garibaldi to uncover the Edgars Industries plot against the telepaths.  And Bester has turned Garibaldi against his former friends and colleagues, to the point that Garibaldi has betrayed Captain Sheridan.  Bester leaves the transport tube car, and Garibaldi, horrified, remembers everything.  He is himself again.

Not that this helps Mr. Garibaldi.  Aboard the White Star 2, Commander Ivanova gives the order to shoot Garibaldi if he returns the space station.  And the happy progandists at ISN praise Garibaldi for turning Sheridan over to Earth Force.

Agents from the Psi Corps kill William Edgars and wound his aide, Wade, mortally.  These agents also ransack the Edgars residence and confiscate the anti-telepath virus and its antidote.  ISN and the Clark Administration blame the Mars Resistance for this.  And Lise Hampton-Edgars, Garibaldi’s former girlfriend, is missing.

This looks bad for heroes.  Yet the fleet’s progress toward Earth continues unabated.  The war goes on.



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