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David Sheridan Meets Delenn, His New Daughter-in-Law


The civil war is over.  Now what?  This is what:  major political and personal changes.  Follow with me.

President Clark’s Covered Corpse, Left in Place for Investigators

1.  President Clark is dead and very unpopular.

2.  Captain Sheridan has surrendered himself to Earth Force.

3.  Captain Sheridan is very popular after leading the charge to destroy the defense system, which Clark had turned toward Earth.

4.  There is a new President of the Earth Alliance.  Clark had no Vice President.  Yet the Earth Alliance Constitution permits the Senate to elect a new President to fill the vacancy.  Meet the new boss, Susanna Luchenko, from the Russian Consortium:

5.  President Luchenko encourages people to avoid vigilante justice, and to permit courts to determine who terrorized and oppressed others willingly and who cooperated out of fear and threats of retaliation.

6.  Marcus Cole is dead, having given his life to renew that of Commander Susan Ivanova.  She is distraught and filled with guilt over having known that Marcus loved her yet having not requited that love:

7.  Ivanova leaves Babylon 5 at the end of the episode to command a new, top-of-the-line Warlock-Class destroyer on a one-year shakedown cruise.  (Actually, actress Claudia Christian left the series.  She has one version of reasons for this, and series creator J. Michael Straczynski has another understanding of events.  We might never know the objective truth about what happened.)

8.  The Centauri Regent is ill.  Ambassador Londo Mollari will be the next Emperor, and he dreads the promotion.  He should.

9. Psi-Cop Alfred Bester wants to know if his lover, Carolyn, was one of the telepaths Sheridan sacrificed to disable Earth Alliance destroyers at Mars.  She was not, for Sheridan knows what it is like to love a woman, lose her, find her again, and lose her again.  He does not wish that for another man, even Bester.

10.  Michael Garibaldi discovers that Martian criminals are holding Lise Edgars-Hampton for ransom.  He rescues her, with the assistance of Rangers.

11.  President Luchenko meets with Captain Sheridan.  She admits that he did the right thing, and that, by breaking away from Earth, he was in able to oppose Clark more effectively than any well-watched person back home.  But he did commit mutiny at best and treason at worst by taking up arms against his own government.  Sheridan did the right thing in an inconvenient way, and Luchenko wants him gone.  She offers Sheridan and all who served under him a full pardon if he agrees to resign from Earth Force at a televised news conference–OR ELSE.  Sheridan agrees to resign.

12.  Sheridan resigns from Earth Force after President Luchenko praises him in public.

13.  At the same news conference there is a startling announcement:  The member planets of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds have voted to dissolve that organization and create the Interstellar Alliance, which promotes mutual understanding and cooperation through commerce and mutual respect.  The Rangers are the independent intelligence and military force of the new Alliance.  Ambassador Delenn invites Earth to join the Interstellar Alliance.

14.  Captain John Sheridan (Earth Force, retired) is the first President of the Interstellar Alliance, which he and Delenn will lead from Babylon 5 until the completion of permanent headquarters on Minbar.

15.  Earth joins the Interstellar Alliance.  It receives improved technology for creating artificial gravity on spaceships as the first benefit.  And Mars receives its independence, at long last.

16.  Sheridan and Delenn marry.

That is the summary of events.  Now for the subjective content.

I like this episode.  It demonstrates that one person or a few people can change the world(s).  This attitude resides at the core of the Babylon 5 series.   The world will change; that is unavoidable.  The important questions are:  (1) Who is changing the world? and (2) Are these positive changes?  Our heroes in Babylon 5 change worlds for the better, as the next episode, The Deconstruction of Falling Stars, makes clear.

Historical Note:  This was nearly the penultimate episode of Babylon 5.  Series creator and scribe J. Michael Straczynski (JMS for short) had to wrap up the major story lines sooner than he had planned originally because his distributor, the Primetime Entertainment Network (PTEN) was about to cease to exist.  So he made some cuts in the fourth season, moved the beginning of the fifth season into the end of Season Four, and filmed the series finale, Sleeping in Light, which is set two decades after the events of this episode.  Then Turner Network Television (TNT) picked up the series for the fifth season.  So JMS put Sleeping in Light on hold for a year and wrote a new fourth season finale, which is a series of short stories.  That episode will be the topic of my next post in this series.

Stay tuned and keep reading!



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