Babylon 5–The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari (1998)   1 comment

Londo Mollari with a Bottle of Bravari


All the major characters of Babylon 5 are quite interesting, but perhaps the most intriguing is Londo Mollari, of the Centauri Republic.  He is always a patriot.  He begins as a buffoon, transforms into an agent of oppression, then demonstrates honor and principle by saving his homeworld from the Shadows and liberating the Narns, in whose oppression and enslavement he was complicit.  As the fourth season ends and the fifth season begins, Mollari seems to have turned over a new leaf.  But has he done enough?  No.

Londo, with Vir nearby, complains to Security Chief Zack Allan about the three days he must wait to begin consuming his shipment of bravari, a very expensive Centauri alcohol, which, Londo says, will spoil in a hot room.  Allan quotes back health regulations.  As Vir attempts to persuade Allan to relent, Londo steals a swig of bravari before collapsing.

The bravari was purely incidental, for Londo had a heart attack–in his left heart, a tangle of millions of blood vessels, to be exact.  He has been under too much stress, drinking too much, and eating bad foods to excess.  But, as Ron Popeil says, there is more.  The deeper problem is Londo’s conscience, which he has ignored too often.  Centauri folklore speaks of circumstances in which a soul renounces its unworthy host, killing it or trying to do so.  This, the episode implies, is what happens.

Londo Speaking to His Conscience, in the Form of G’Kar, in His Dream Vision

In order to survive, Londo must face his greatest fear–his conscience–which takes the forms of Delenn, Sheridan, Vir, and G’Kar.  Londo has been a witness to genocide and torture, and he has said nothing.  Neither has he apologized.  If he is to survive, he must make peace with his conscience.  This Londo does, and he survives.  Tearfully he tells G’Kar (the real one), “I’m sorry!”  G’Kar, affected deeply, leaves the medical bay.

Londo has strapped himself to the wheel of fire, and an apology is insufficient to remove him from it, however.  Much worse is to come.

We see a conversation between Londo and dream-Sheridan during Londo’s dream vision.  Dream-Sheridan changes outfits several times.  First he wears an Earth Force uniform, then the uniform minus the jacket, followed by the black-and-gray uniform from the third and fourth seasons, then the uniform of Ranger One (He becomes Ranger One in 2279.), and finally the white robe of a Minbari acolyte before dissolving into light.  (Sheridan is assumed bodily in the series finale.)  The foreshadowing is very nice.


Lennier, Delenn’s diplomatic aide who loves her secretly, feels unwanted and no longer needed.  So he makes plans to leave the station and join the Rangers.  Lennier claims that he is following the calling of his heart, but is he really running away from Delenn and Sheridan?

Delenn Getting Emotional While Seeing Lennier Off

Sheridan thinks that Lennier is running away.  (I agree with Sheridan.)  Delenn is unsure, but is philosophical; Lennier will learn what he needs to learn.  This is a major turn in Lennier’s character arc.  He appears infrequently during the fifth and final season, and his character becomes more complex.

Both Londo and Lennier make bad decisions and suffer the consequences.  That is a hint.



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