Feast of St. Leoba (September 27)   1 comment

St. Leoba (c.710-782)

Anglo-Saxon Nun and Missionary to the Germans

St. Leoba was related to St. Boniface (feast day = June 5), the great missionary Bishop to the Germans.  She joined his band of missionaries circa 748.  St. Leoba founded convents in Germany and helped to evangelize the country.  She also advised bishops and befriended Hildegard, wife of Charlemagne, the Frankish King.  St. Leoba died at the estate Charlemagne had set aside for her, and was buried near her kinsman, St. Boniface.



God of grace and glory, we praise you for our servant St. Leoba, who made the good news known among the Germans.  Raise up, we pray, in every country, heralds of the gospel, so that the world may know the immeasurable riches of your love, and be drawn to worship you, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever.  Amen.

Isaiah 62:1-7

Psalm 48

Romans 10:11-17

Luke 24:44-53


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