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Mack and Bo Ponder Lunch


A View from the Gallery is unique among Babylon 5 episodes in that it approaches a story from the perspective of two roving station maintenance workers.  Mack and Bo are floaters, maintenance workers who to wherever they are needed.  Thus we, the viewers, through Mack and Bo, interact with major characters (such as Sheridan, Delenn, Franklin, and Lochley), pass by other major characters (such as G’Kar and Londo Mollari), and witness a battle on Babylon 5 and outside the station.  The actors who portray Mack and Bo bring their proletariat characters to live.  And we, the viewers, realize that the station could not function without Mack, Bo, and their fellow maintenance workers.

Captain Lochley, Up Early in the Morning

Captain Lochley gets up very early in the morning because raiders have destroyed a probe in hyperspace.  She knows that an attack on the station is near, and White Star ships are just leaving the Enphili homeworld, where they have been since the previous episode.

A brief summary of the events follows:

  1. The raiders attack in two waves.
  2. The White Star ships return in two waves, mostly in the second.
  3. President Sheridan orders Mack and Bo and escort Delenn to a lifepod shortly before the second wave of the battle.  Yet Delenn dissuades them, and, besides, the cavalry rides in at the end.

Along the way, we learn that Stephen Franklin became a doctor because a Dilgar physician saved his father’s life during the Dilgar War, before the Earth-Minbari War.  The Dilgar doctor’s men killed him as a traitor.  Yet, to Dr. Franklin, all life is sacred.

An alien invader on Babylon 5

Although the aliens board the station, we never see them without their helmets.  Dr. Franklin is prepared to extend health care to them, but he is left at the end of the episode working in a make-shift morgue:

Everything safe again, with debris from the battle left to clean up, Sheridan and Delenn pass Mack and Bo in a corridor.  Delenn greets them by name, and our humble heroes are surprised that someone so prominent remembers their names:

A View from the Gallery is the fourth episode of the fifth (last) season.  Babylon 5 aired in syndication during its first four seasons and on TNT for the fifth season.  At the time this was a good way to introduce new viewers to major characters and to explain the universe of Babylon 5 through two maintenance men.  But for us who know the major characters already the episode adds great depth.



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