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The Damaged White Star 90 Emerges from the Jump Gate at Babylon 5


Principles are important, yet inconvenient at times.  This is a central theme of The Paragon of Animals, a pivotal episode which sets up part of the fifth season story arc.

President Sheridan is trying to persuade the ambassadors from member worlds of the Interstellar Alliance to agree to a statement of principles.  Most ambassadors do not recognize the importance of such a document, and the Drazi Ambassador is especially vigorous in his opposition.

Some Enphili

About this time, on the edge of Drazi space, raiders besiege the Enphili on their natural resources-rich homeworld.  A Ranger arrives to hear what the Enphili have to say, which is that they seek the protection of the Interstellar Alliance.  For a decade the raiders have attached their world.  The Enphili need help desperately.

Shortly thereafter, White Star 90, damaged heavily, arrives at Babylon 5.  The dying Ranger lapses into a coma, but telepath Lyta Alexander communicates with him.  She sees what he saw, and witnesses him pass over into his afterlife.  It takes much out of her, for telepaths believe that being in the mind of a person when he or she dies puts one at risk of losing part of one’s own essence.

The Ranger, On His Way to His Afterlife

Michael Garibaldi comes to speak to Lyta.  He has attempted unsuccessfully to persuade Byron to permit some of the members of the telepath colony to work with Interstellar Alliance covert intelligence.  Byron, thinking himself and other telepaths superior to “mundanes,” and being tired of working for them, refuses Garibaldi’s request.

Byron Refusing Garibaldi’s Request

So Garibaldi asks Lyta to intercede.  She agrees, and Byron consents–because it matters to her.  He sends two telepaths to work with Interstellar Alliance covert intelligence.

Sheridan, informed of the plight of the Enphili, consults with his advisory council and decides to send all the White Star ships to the Enphili homeworld.  He informs the Drazi Ambassador of the plan to send White Star ships because of the proximity of the Enphili homeworld to Drazi space.  Shortly thereafter, the silent Drazi Ambassador walks past Byron, who sends the following message to Sheridan via Lyta Alexander:  The Drazi are cooperating with the raiders victimizing the Enphili.  Sheridan, armed with this knowledge, changes his plans.  He abandons the plan for a White Star fleet rendezvous with Drazi military forces, and sends the White Stars on alone, so they will secure the Enphili homeworld first.

The Drazi Ambassador

Sheridan convenes the ambassadors for a late-night meeting.  He tells them that the White Star fleet encircles the Enphili homeworld.  Sheridan confronts the panicked Drazi Ambassador, whom he forces to admit the truth.  Then Sheridan permits the Drazi Ambassador to call his government and call off the Drazi attack fleet, which is en route to the Enphili homeworld and the White Star fleet.

Then the ambassadors sign the declaration of principles, which G’Kar has drafted.  The declaration begins:

The Universe speaks in many languages but only one voice. It is the language of the heart, the language of the soul. It is the voice of our ancestors speaking through us. And the voice of our inheritors waiting to be born,  No matter the cost, we agree to recognize this singular truth and this singular rule…We are one.

Lyta has saved many lives today, and President Sheridan has thanked her.  Yet Lyta wants to hear more of what Byron has to say.

Roll to end credits.

As the season progresses look for Lyta to become attached to the rogue telepaths in the colony on Babylon 5.  She has been through a great deal and many individuals have used her for various purposes.  Lyta is a prime candidate for radicalization.



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