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G’Kar and Delenn


Strange Relations is the sixth episode of the fifth season.  During this and other episodes we, the viewers, learn much about Captain Elizabeth Lochley, the new commanding officer of Babylon 5.   She is capable, tough as nails, and very strong willed.  Oh, and she was not on Sheridan’s side during the recent Earth Civil War.  Yet she has known the Interstellar Alliance President for years, and they trust each other implicitly.  The revelations continue in this episode.

Delenn speaks with Captain Lochley in a corridor.  The Minbari Ambassador now knows all the reasons Lochley is on Babylon 5, and the captain requests that Delenn keep the secret.  Delenn agrees.  Unbeknowst to both women, Mr. Garibaldi is eavesdropping.  He is brimming over with suspicions, and he does not trust Captain Lochley.

Yet, as I have written, Lochley is a capable commanding officer who knows how to motivate her subordinates effectively.  When a ship explodes while attempting to dock, thereby forcing other ships to wait as crews repair the damage and collect the debris, Lochley motivates her clean-up and repair crew to speed up the job by offering to forget seeing  “that extremely non-regulation photograph” from a recent bachelor party.  She is very persuasive.

Londo Mollari is about to become Centauri Emperor Mollari II, for Regent Virini is ailing.  Security Chief Zack Allan suspects that Londo is happy about this, but the Ambassador dreads the promotion.  (He should.)  One of the delayed ships is a Centauri transport meant to take Londo back to Centauri Prime, to begin the transition.  Yet the ship explodes when, delayed too long, it sets course for Centauri Prime.  Someone back home wants Londo dead.

Delenn asks G’Kar (of all people) to accompany Londo back to Centauri Prime as his bodyguard.  This will constitute a symbol of unity and cooperation, she says.  Both G’Kar and Londo agree, and they set out for Centauri Prime.

Lyta Alexander is beginning to identify with the rogue telepaths who have formed a colony of Babylon 5.  Many of them have been subject to medical experiments, so they distrust doctors and authorities, not to mention “mundanes” in general.  And most of them are quite poor.  So Lyta redirects medical supplies meant for others in Down Below for the benefit of the rogue telepaths.

Dr. Franklin catches her doing this covertly.  She explains her reasons, and he says that the next time they need something, she needs merely to ask.  Lyta delivers the supplies to Byron and the other rogue telepaths, who perceive that Psi-Cop Alfred Bester and Psi Corps bloodhound units are on the station to capture the rogues.

Bester is back….

Captain Lochley, as part of Earth Force, and therefore the Earth Alliance government, is obligated to help Bester and his bloodhound units, who round up all the rogue telepaths.  Yet she wants to help the rogues as much as she can.  Her opportunity arises when Dr. Franklin informs her that Delenn and G’Kar have asked him to begin to catalog the medical records of Interstellar Alliance member species, especially with the intention of identifying diseases which might jump from one species to another.  The good doctor knows an Earth Alliance public health regulation which requires a 60-day quarantine of someone suspected of carrying such a disease.  So Lochley invokes the regulation and sends Bester away empty-handed.  She has bought the rogue telepaths two months.  But what if the rogues are trouble, as Bester states?

The rogue telepaths return to their section of Down Below, where they comfort each other and sing.  “We’ll all come together in a better place, a better place than this.  My love will guide you, my love will hold you, and my love will show you the way.”  Lyta removes her Psi-Corps insignia and joins the group.

Heartbreak is only a few episodes away.

Another major plot point concerns how Lochley and Sheridan know each other.  The captain reveals this while speaking to Garibaldi, whom she reaps over the coals verbally in the brig, where she had him locked up for threatening Bester.  (Garibaldi had good reason, too.)  Elizabeth Lochley was John Sheridan’s first wife, for about three months.  Both of them wanted to be in control all the time, so the relationship failed.  Realizing their errors, they parted company, matured, and remained friends.

So, John Sheridan married three times.  Anna (who became the Shadow zombie chick he nuked at the end of the third season) was his second wife.  And Delenn is wife #3.



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