Babylon 5–In the Kingdom of the Blind (1998)   1 comment

Dangerous aliens stalk the Centauri royal palace.


“In the kingdom of the blind, the man with one eye is king.”

–Desiderius Erasmus (1466-1536)

In the Kingdom of the Blind is the creepiest Babylon 5 episode to this point.  Strange and menacing aliens lurk in the shadows at the Centauri royal palace, where politically convenient murders occur.  These aliens say nothing, and we hear about them in third person plural pronouns.  “They say….”   But who are they?  If you have been paying attention, you know that these are former agents of the now-departed Shadows.  The Shadows left the galaxy at the end of the Shadow War, during the fourth season.  Their servants have relocated to Centauri Prime.

This doesn’t look good.

And Byron is about to demand that the Interstellar Alliance grant the rogue telepaths a homeworld.  If the Alliance refuses, there will be consequences.

This doesn’t look good, either.

So let us begin in earnest.

Mr. Garibaldi, Delenn, and President Sheridan are discussing the continuing attacks on ships of Interstellar Alliance member worlds.  Everyone has taken at least one hit, and those attacking the shipping lines do so at random, leave no witnesses, and take no cargo.  These are not raiders; they are terrorists.  Sheridan, who knows that member world governments will blame each other, assigns the White Star fleet to guard major shipping lanes.

Byron addresses the ambassadors to the Interstellar Alliance.  He shares what he knows about Vorlon meddling, leading to the creation of telepaths.  Then he demands a homeworld for telepaths.  President Sheridan, aware that this was Byron’s stated reason for asking to address the council, declares Byron out of order.  Then Byron reveals the fact that he has had telepaths collecting the ambassadors’ secrets, and that they will reveal them unless the Alliance grants the demand.

This strategy constitutes a major miscalculation.  Now everyone fears the telepaths, Sheridan withdraws his protection of them, and Security Chief Zack Allan orders the telepaths who have barricaded themselves in Down Below to surrender.  But some telepaths, bent on violence, have fanned out across the station.

This does not look good at all.

Londo Mollari has returned to Centauri Prime in the company of G’Kar, functioning as bodyguard.  This is a great offense to many and a novelty to some, but it means continued life for Londo.  Lord Jaro, an old friend, informs Londo that the royal palace is both quieter and stranger than it was under Emperor Cartagia’s regime.  Government reports about agricultural production are not top secret, and the military budget has ballooned despite the fact the Centauri Republic is not at war.  Regent Virini, whose only vice (according to the Centauri) was his sobriety, has been drunk quite often recently.  Sometimes, late at night, he has claimed that he was not himself and asked palace guards to kill him.  Lord Jaro dies that night.  It is murder despite the fact that someone tries to make it look like suicide.

Lord Vole, who has designs on the throne, attempts to assassinate Londo, but the knife he throws at Londo hangs in mid-air before reversing course and killing the assailant instead.  Then Londo turns and sees a red-eyed alien standing silently in the darkness.

Later, Londo encounters Regent Virini, who indicates without saying much that something is very wrong.  “They” like Londo.  “They” think he is very much like “them,” so “they” have saved his life.  Londo will be Emperor soon, so he should enjoy life while he can, and he should leave now, the Regent says.  Londo takes the hint.

A really ugly alien steps out of the shadows and stares silently at the Regent.  Virini stammers that he said nothing in appropriate to Londo while gray tentacles tighten around his throat.    These are the tentacles of a keeper, which has one eye.  (For a refresher, follow this URL:

That evening, Londo sits up sleepless in bed (with G’Kar keeping watch) wondering what “they” are doing with Centauri ships.  At the same time, somewhere in outer space, a Centauri battleship an unarmed transport vessel.

Only bad can come from this.

The pieces are beginning to come together, but I choose to hold off on completing the puzzle until the appropriate time.  Do not worry or be concerned though, for that time is only a few episodes away.

Thanks for reading.  And I encourage you watch the episodes, of course.  They are available through more than one legal venue.



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