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Season 5 Title Card

My journey through the universe of Babylon 5 is almost complete.  So I pause here to lay out and explain my plan for the remaining summary and review posts.

The Fall of Centauri Prime is episode 18 of the last season, which has 22 episodes.  Episodes 19-21 (The Wheel of Fire, Objects in Motion, and Objects at Rest) conclude most story arcs, consisting mostly of farewells.  Sleeping in Light, the series finale, dates to the end of the fourth season, when a fifth season looked unlikely, if not impossible.  I have chosen to write the Sleeping in Light post last, for it is the last story in terms of chronology.

Turner Network Television also commissioned a few television movies.  I choose to ignore Thirdspace, set somewhere inside the fourth season.  The continuity does not work well, and I dislike the film, which borrows too much from H. P. Lovecraft.  Much better is The River of Souls (1998), set in middle 2263.  I plan to write about In the Beginning (1998), in which the “present day” is 2278, with Emperor Londo Mollari as storyteller.  Then there is A Call to Arms, set in November 2266, which sets the stage for the prematurely canceled series Crusade.  This series was supposed to run for five years and have story arcs, just like Babylon 5, but TNT ended everything after 13 episodes.  I wonder what B5 would have been with just 13 episodes.

In 2001 the Sci-Fi Channel made The Legend of the Rangers–To Live and Die in Starlight, a pilot for a series the network did not pick up.  I do not own a copy of this anymore, nor do I wish to do so.  I taped it off cable television in 2002, and found it unsatisfactory then.  Once I saw The Legend of the Rangers on sale, and thought it overpriced.  $1 would be overpriced.  Consider this my review of that telefilm.

The last filmed Babylon 5 comes from 2007.  The Lost Tales was supposed to be a series of direct-to-DVD releases, but there was only one, Voices in the Dark, set in 2271.  This consists of two related stories, which have just a few characters each.  These are good stories, although the obvious green screen work proves distracting in some scenes.  This production could have benefited from a larger special effects budget, but the station exterior never looked better.  Consider the image below:

Here then, is my plan for remaining Babylon 5 summaries and reviews:

Set in 2262

84.  The Wheel of Fire (Season 5, Episode 19)

85.  Objects in Motion (Season 5, Episode 20)

86.  Objects at Rest (Season 5, Episode 21)

Set in 2263

87.  The River of Souls (TV Movie)

Set in 2266

88.  A Call to Arms (TV Movie)

Set in 2267

89.  Crusade (Series)

Set in 2271

90.  Voices in the Dark (Direct-to-DVD)

Present Day = 2278

91.  In the Beginning (TV Movie)

Set in 2281

92.  Sleeping in Light (Babylon 5 Series Finale)

I hope that these posts have interested some of you in this excellent programming.  B5 has been a passion of mine since 1994, and I want to influence others to watch these episodes and enjoy them.



All images are property of Warner Brothers, and I do not profit from said images.

Below:  A White Star

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