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Percy Montana


Early episodes of series tend to develop characters.  When the character in question is Percy Montana, the episode is a delight to watch again and again.  Did I mention that I like Percy?

Lucretia “Luc” Scott and Percy Montana

Trust opens with Luc and Percy sparring.  Percy incurs a minor arm injury in the process, a fact that angers the very protective uncle Dante.  He becomes more upset when he learns that Percy, whom he considers a girl, has entered a sparring tournament at the Mars orbital station, the Tulip‘s next destination.  Dante asks how he can trust Percy, who keeps disobeying orders and acting behind his back.

Three Views of the Tulip

Rudolpho has assigned Dante and Luc to collect two dangerous criminals, Jeremy and Alistair McNaughton, and to transport them to the automated prison on the sunny side of Mercury, where each will serve a life sentence for repeated acts of armed robbery and attempted murder.  Mars Federation officials, apparently in a mood to be difficult, force Dante and Luc to collect the felons one at a time instead in one trip.  So they collect Jeremy first and return for Alistair.

Jeremy McNaughton in the Tulip‘s Brig

Dante prevents Percy from leaving the ship and orders her not to speak to Jeremy while he and Luc retrieve Alistair.  But Percy speaks to the convict anyway and programs Caravaggio, the A.I., not to report this or to remember that she has spoken to Jeremy.  She becomes infatuated with Jeremy, who is calm and charismatic.  He insists that he is innocent and that the justice system is corrupt.  He also tells Percy that she is beautiful and intelligent, which, of course, she is.

Of the two criminal cousins, Alistair is the overtly sociopathic one.  But Jeremy is no innocent, either, for he has tricked Percy into accidentally handing over her access codes.

Luc and Dante on the Surface of Mercury

The procedure for transporting anyone to the automated prison on Mercury is simple.  An automated land vehicle arrives at a designated place on the side of Mercury that faces away from the Sun and takes the people to the facility, which is on the side that faces the Sun.  While Dante and Luc transport the two McNaughtons this way, Jeremy uses Percy’s access codes to override the automation.  They leave Dante and Luc on the surface of Mercury and return to the Tulip, where Percy, against Caravaggio’s advice, lets them on board.  The McNaughtons begin to override Caravaggio’s computer functions manually, so Percy starts pulling wires, thereby shutting down systems.  Meanwhile, Dante and Luc, whom another automated land vehicle has rescued, have returned to the Tulip.  Together, the three crew members capture the two criminals, who go to their living hell on Mercury.

Percy Montana

Percy knows that her naivete almost got Dante and Luc killed.  Both Dante and Luc are in a forgiving mood, and Percy has learned a valuable lesson the hard way.  She had, in a moment of weakness, fallen for a dangerous man who paid her some attention, and the consequences could have been worse.  Percy knows now that she needs to trust her uncle, who now thinks of her a young woman.  Dante will not force her to remain on the Tulip, but wants her there.  But Percy must make her own way in life, and he will not stand in her way.

Percy, Again (Why Not?)

Percy is an interesting character, and Trust begins the process of deepening and revealing the scope of her personality.  She is a late adolescent young woman, and this is only the first time she will connect with a young man who comes aboard the Tulip.  And the results are always sad for her.

By the way, reading these posts is a poor way to appreciate Percy Montana fully.  In fact, reading any words is an ineffectual method for accomplishing that goal.  I recommend watching the episodes, and I hope that this series of blog posts leads many readers thereof to do just that–in a legal way, of course.

I close with one more screen capture of Percy Montana.



I used the Power DVD program on my computer to obtain screen captures from the Starhunter series set I purchased at my local Best Buy store in 2007.

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