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The Tulip, Headed for Mars


Here we have another episode that establishes the universe of Starhunter. In this case, we learn more about the Raiders and the motivations of Dante Montana.  And we get a meaty story with real pathos in the process.  Family Values does far more than merely mark time and deliver exposition.

The Simulation of Penny Montana

For the last ten years Dante has used a virtual reality device to speak to a simulation of his late wife, Penny.  During this episode he uses the device on his wedding anniversary when Percy walks in on him.  She uses this device later in the episode, when Dante and Luc are on Mars.

Dante and Luc on Mars

The Tulip travels to Mars, where Dante and Luc go to collect two confidence men, Etienne and Brad.  On their way down to the planet’s surface, Dante tells Luc that he knows she does not merely work for Rudolpho.  She denies this true allegation, but Dante does not pursue the matter any further during the episode.

Etienne and Brad

Dante and Luc corner the two confidence men easily, but then the hard part starts.

Percy Montana Monitoring Dante and Luc’s Situation on Mars

On board the Tulip, Percy reminds Dante and Luc to launch their Bird’s Eye, a flying monitoring device, so she can see what is happening.  The Bird’s Eye enables Percy to see that a Ranger ship is in the immediate vicinity of Dante and Luc.  The intrepid Percy orders the Bird’s Eye to collide with the Raider ship, causing it to crash.

The Tulip orbiting Mars

The Raiders are former elite soldiers on whom the military leaders have experimented.  As a result, they are sterile.  So the Raiders have become space pirates who replenish their ranks by kidnapping children.  Dante’s real mission is to find his son, Travis, whom Raiders abducted ten years ago, when they killed Penny.

“Jeb” with Dante

The crash of the Raider’s ship injures the raider aboard it, but not the boy with him.  Said crash also kills Brad the confidence man, thereby distressing Etienne.  Meanwhile, three other Raider vessels arrive in the area, and Dante decides to leave with the boy, whom the dying Raider calls Jeb, but whom Dante thinks is Travis.  So Dante must leave Etienne behind.  The other Raiders arrive just in time for Etienne to use a device to confuse them into shooting each other while he escapes safely.

The Tulip Above Mars

Dante and Luc return to the Tulip with Jeb in tow, and Caravaggio analyzes the boy’s DNA sample.  Jeb is not Travis; he is actually one Vincent Taylor.  Dante sets course to reunite Vincent with the family he has not seen in nine years.

Dante Comforts Vincent

Vincent approaches Dante on the observation deck.  The boy is nervous about meeting his real family.  Dante says that when he was young, he sat next to his father when he was nervous.  Then, Dante says, he did not feel nervous anymore.  Vincent sits down next to Travis.

The writers of Starhunter understood the importance of story continuity.  So they reused the virtual reality device, Etienne featured into a subsequent story, and the Travis plot line ran through the series.  And the Orchard story thread, along with Luc’s status as one of their agents, came to a spectacular head in episodes #13-15.

This series, with the exception of a few episodes, only gets better as it builds on itself.  It is quite a ride.



All images are screen captures I have obtained via Power DVD and a legally purchased disc.  My purpose is to inspire people to view this series in a method consistent with U.S. copyright laws.

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