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Rudolpho During a Transmission


Siren’s Song makes for interesting viewing, although it is far from the best episode of Starhunter.  Quality is relative though; I would rather watch this than almost any episode of Star Trek:  Voyager or any episode from the first three seasons of Star Trek:  Enterprise.  (Berman and Braga almost killed the Star Trek franchise.)  At least Siren’s Song is watchable.

Pretrakist and His Fellow Escapees Board a Space Yacht

There has been an explosion at a prison on Ganymede, a moon of Jupiter.  Some of the escaped prisoners board an elegant space yacht filled with handsome and well-dressed passengers and crew members, whom they proceed to kill.  Rudolpho sends Dante Montana to retrieve convicts while reminding him that he (Dante) owes him (Rudolpho) five years back rent on the Tulip.  It was four years back rent in The Divinity Cluster, episode #1.  So Dante has not been doing well during the previous two episodes, has he?

Dante, Luc, and Percy

Luc states that Rudolpho has placed her on board the Tulip to ensure that Dante would not mess up his assignments.  This is a reasonable concern on Rudolpho’s part, given that Dante flubs the capture of the six escaped convicts on the space yacht and retrieves only Pretrakist, who kills the others.  To his credit, Dante realizes that he messed up, and that the criticism of him is well-founded.

Major Wayne Bartlett and His Commandos Board the Tulip

Then Special Forces black ops commandos and their commanding officer, Major Wayne Bartlett, board the Tulip and assume command of it.  Law gives them the right to do this.  They are transporting their prisoner, a harmless looking young woman, to a secure detention facility.


Ire, who reveals her name later in the episode, looks innocent enough.  What could she have done?  Percy wonders about this.

A Shock Wave Hits the Tulip

A shock wave from an explosion (of what I do not know) hits the Tulip, enabling Ire to escape from her guards and bonds.  Then she proceeds to wander around the vessel, speaking of anger and love while killing the brusque commandos and freeing Pretrakist from the brig, thereby enabling him to wander around the Tulip armed.  Through it all, she says, “I’m sorry.”  She seems to regret everything she does.

Meanwhile, Major Bartlett becomes even more obnoxious than he was in the beginning.  Percy, irritated, calls the Major and his commandos “goons” and asks if they can count as high as four.  Even Luc, a military veteran, finds Major Bartlett and the commandos intolerable.  There is a dangerous murderer walking around armed on the Tulip, and Bartlett seems not to care about anything other than capturing young Ire.

Percy and Ire

Ire, who can disappear into thin air (a nice trick) adjusts the course of the Tulip so that the vessel will travel to Phoenix Station, in orbit of Miranda, a moon of Uranus.  Then she allows Percy to capture her.  Ire says that her task is the tell the story of what happened.  She says that she does not want to hurt anyone.

Phoenix Station

This is why Bartlett is so insistent about detaining Ire:  Phoenix Station has been under quarantine for two years due to the outbreak of the Omega 47 virus, which is deadly.  The containment of the virus has prevented the extinction of the human race.  And Ire came from Phoenix Station.

Pretrakist Aboard Phoenix Station

Everyone (not all at once) boards Phoenix Station, where Ire reveals her true nature.  She is the result of the combination of the Omega 47 virus and human DNA.  In fact, she resembles the dead daughter of one of the scientists who used to work on board the station.  As she transforms into a beam of light, Major Bartlett points his weapon at her.  Pretrakist then kills the Major and merges with Ire.

Miranda About to Explode

For a reasons beyond comprehension this act causes Miranda to convulse with light until it explodes.  The Tulip and her crew escape in time, and Caravaggio comments that it was odd to meet a virus that expressed regret.  (Let that last statement sink in for a moment.  It is odd.)  Rudolpho is livid that Dante lost Pretrakist, but accepts the Special Forces shuttle as payment of the back rent.

Dante lives to bounty hunt again.

The best parts of Siren’s Song are the moodiness aboard the Tulip, with its dark corridors, and the sarcastic comments Percy makes.  Actually, Percy is wonderful in this episode, as she is in the entire series.  I adore the acting of Tanya Allen in Starhunter.  She is cute, too.



All images are screen captures via the Power DVD program.  I recommend viewing the Starhunter series in a way consistent with U.S. copyright laws.

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