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Most Starhunter episodes are serious, and the three installments immediate prior to this one are grim.  So it is time to lighten up, even if for just one episode.  Hence we have Super Max, the tale of an insecure businessman, his frustrated and manipulative sexpot wife, and and how Dante, Percy, and Luc deal with them.  It is a fun episode.

The Tulip, Docked at Reno 7

The Tulip is docked at Reno 7, which an announcer claims is the “biggest space station in the universe.”  Dante and his crew are there to purchase spare parts.

“Are you a real man?”

Dante is at a bar, as is a flirtatious blonde, who asks if he is a real man.  She says that she is married to “less than half a man,” a businessman who has dragged her all the way from Saturn City so he can see “some crappy old ship” he has just bought.


Dante turns around to see Percy and Luc sitting a table, watching him.  So he walks toward their table.  Just then Caravaggio calls, complaining of some unscheduled visitors on board the Tulip.

Max and Dante

Dante, Percy, and Luc return to Tulip and discover the unscheduled visitors, led by Max, who has purchased the ship from Rudolpho.  Max, owner of Super Max Corrections, plans to convert the Tulip into a private prison ship.  He offers to hire the crew, but our favorite characters refuse.

Percy, Luc, and Dante

Percy, Luc, and Dante go to the Bridge, where they receive a transmission from Rudolpho.  He confirms selling the Tulip, and advises Dante to work with Max.  They are not interested in Max’s offer to “become part of the Super Max vision,” especially after Max reprograms Caravaggio into a bean-counting “fiscal engineer.”

Max, Unwelcome on the Bridge

Luc forces Max off the Bridge at gunpoint, and Dante tells Max and his employees to depart the Tulip.  Max says to go.  But Dante cannot take the Tulip, for Max has placed it under a no-go order, and the Reno 7 staff cuts non-essential power to the ship when Dante, Luc, and Percy try to steal the Tulip.

Max reboards the Tulip and forces Dante off.  Luc and Percy join him shortly thereafter.  The three decide upon a plan:  Percy will arrange a “technical accident” while Dante and Luc pretend to work for Max.  Luc tells Dante that this will be easy for her.  She states, “How hard could that be?  I’m already pretending to work for you.”  Dante agrees, “That’s true.”  Then Percy says to Dante, “She’s a weird one.”

This exchange reveals the changed relations Luc has with Dante and Percy since the previous episode.  They are a family of sorts again, but with no more secrets.  Nevertheless, Percy admits in subsequent episodes that she does not like Luc.

Max and Dante

Dante and Luc massage Max’s ego, thereby convincing him to hire them–with Dante as warden.


Zelda, Max’s wife, comes to the Bridge.  She is the woman from the bar.  Max asks her to return to their quarters before the ship departs Reno 7.  Zelda whispers to Dante, “I hope this thing can achieve lift off faster than its new owner can.”

The relationship between husband and wife is rocky.  Max is chronically insecure, thus he speaks most of the time and makes himself the center of attention.  Zelda insults him sexually, calling him a “three-second wonder” and such.  She also says he is not a real man, and Max tries desperately to demonstrate to her that he is.

Meanwhile, Zelda spends much of the episode making advances at Dante, who has no interest in her.  She does this during an unpleasant dinner, which ends with her storming off after shouting at Max.


Meanwhile, Percy is hard at work engineering a “technical accident” involving the number one reactor.  This causes a costly delay for Max, who has a schedule to keep.

Luc enlists the Orchard’s aid in investigating Max and Zelda.  It seems that Max is on the verge of bankruptcy.  The Orchard leans on his creditors to call in his loans.


Max does not take this well.

Meanwhile, Dante charges expensive items to Super Max Corrections.

Max suspects that Dante, Luc, and Percy are behind all his recent problems.  So he has Luc detained.  Max walks in on Zelda and Dante immediately after Zelda has thrown herself at Dante, so another hero goes to the brig.  Max cannot locate Percy, however.

The Tulip

The Tulip arrives at a correctional facility, yet must wait to collect its first twenty-two maximum-security lifers.  There is a riot in a cell block.  In the meantime, Max decides to honor his wife’s request to kill Dante–for allegedly attacking her.  A Super Max guard gases Dante and Luc.  The gas is lethal only in large doses, which is Max’s plan.  Fortunately, Percy frees them in time.

Max and Zelda

Luc, Dante, and Percy take back the ship and confine Max, Zelda, and the guards in the brig.

Max and Zelda

Max and Zelda begin to bicker immediately, and Zelda attacks her husband physically.

Dante, Percy, and Luc

Our heroes are on the Bridge, watching Max and Zelda.

Words are inadequate to communicate the fun of Super Max.  So I encourage you, O reader, to view this episode in a manner consistent with copyright laws.  This entertainment should be legal, after all.

Next we have a two-parter, A Twist in Time and Eat Sin, which take place within a time loop and parallel realities (bubble universes) aboard the Tulip.



I used the Power DVD program to obtain screen captures.

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