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The Tulip


Starhunter is well-written series with interesting characters, so a non-science fiction fan can find it a rewarding experience.  It is also a science fiction series, so a person fascinated by speculative fiction can find the series attractive.   Episode #17 (A Twist in Time) and episode #18 (Eat Sin) are among the most sci-fi-ish installments of Starhunter.


A Twist in Time opens with Percy asking Caravaggio about Five, the insane prisoner locked up in the brig.  Caravaggio replies that Five’s crimes are “heinous” and “unspeakable.”  We viewers gather that the prisoner’s crimes entail the gruesome use of knives, but learn no details, not that we need any.


The Tulip approaches Triton, site of a secret research facility, contact with which has ceased.  Rudolpho hopes that the recovery of any survivors, if there are any, will result in the payment of huge fees.  The scientists at the secret lab were working on gravitons, which apparently can create an infinite number of bubble universes, which intersect with each other.

The Tulip

The Tulip suffers engine failure, causing it to fall toward Triton and placing the ship at risk of crashing within fifteen minutes.  Dante says he will get the engines back online, orders Percy to remain on the Bridge (in the event a manual override is necessary), and tells Luc to transfer Five to the shuttle and to prepare the shuttle (in case they have to abandon ship).  Yet Percy disobeys orders and heads for the engine room.  She cannot arrive, however, due to damage and radiation.

Five and Luc

Luc transfers Five to the shuttle, where she secures the prisoner and preps the vessel for a possible evacuation.

Warp Anomalies

The Tulip, falling toward Triton, crosses paths with warp anomalies coming from the secret lab.  These cause damage to the ship.

Meanwhile, Caravaggio restores engines, just in time.


But it is too late for Percy.  She dies on the Observation Deck, where she flees in search of breathable air.  Dante cannot reach her because Caravaggio seals off that section of the ship due to lack of pressure.  Dante seeks another route to the Observation Deck, but runs through a time portal, which takes him back in time a few minutes.

Thus A Twist in Time begins to become repetitive, as Dante repeats the same few minutes three times, each recurrence being slightly different as he tries to get everything right.  Percy dies again the second time.    Dante saves Percy’s life the third time, but Luc dies.  Finally, everybody lives the fourth time.

Dante, Luc, and Percy

Dante tells Luc and Percy what happened.  They conclude that the Triton scientists had discovered how to use gravitons to manipulate space and time, but not how to control the process.  Dante gets up to refill his cup of coffee, turns around, sees that he is alone.  Where did Luc and Percy go?

Thus ends A Twist in Time.

Our main characters are isolated with Caravaggio and a copy of Five in bubble universes aboard the Tulip in Eat Sin.  How would you like to be stuck with a psychotic mass murderer?

This episode is also repetitive, with Luc, Dante, and Percy asking similar questions in their bubble universes, and with Five making nearly identical statements.  It seems, too, that a copy of Five from one bubble universe can move into another bubble universe.  So, although Five dies in each bubble universe, he keeps reappearing.

Five explains that he consumes the sin of people and returns evil to the universe, as it deserves.  He also reveals to Luc that he knows Darius, who is not dead in all universes.  So, what is Five’s connection to the Orchard?  He never reveals this.

Percy, being a technical genius, discovers how to use warp anomalies to move from one bubble universe to another.  So, as a copy of Five pursues her, she escapes that bubble universe and transfers to the one where Dante is.  Before she leaves, however, she tells Caravaggio to destroy that copy of the Tulip.

Bye-Bye To a Copy of the Tulip

One more copy of Five bites the dust.

Percy uses the same trick so she and Dante can escape his bubble universe, thereby escaping another copy of Five.

Bye-Bye To Another Copy of the Tulip

Caravaggio destroys that copy of the Tulip, too, and kills that version of Five.

Luc, Percy, and Dante

Our three heroes are now in the same universe, their original one.


They check, and Five is secure in the brig.

The Tulip Destroys the Secret Lab

Luc, Percy, and Dante conclude that Five learned how to escape from one bubble universe to another.  So who knows how many people he killed and how many copies of him there are?

Dante orders the destruction of the secret lab, or, to be precise, the one in this universe.

Later, Percy goes to bed.  She dreams that Five emerges from her closet and attacks her.  Then she wakes up and discovers that she is safe.  But, in a bubble universe, her closet door cracks open and Five laughs.

The concept of parallel universes, rooted in quantum physics, blows my mind.  It seemed to make sense when Neal Degrasse Tyson explained it with graphics on a PBS show, but that was a few years ago.  Whatever the reality of parallel universes is, it is a concept ready made for science fiction books, movies, and episodes.  A Twist in Time and Eat Sin are among the most effective uses of this idea.



I used the Power DVD program to obtain screen captures.

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