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Percy Montana


With this post I return to Starhunter 2300 after taking a detour into Star Trek.  The two franchises are quite different, and each is wonderful in its own way.  Among the major differences is this: Starhunter is grim in comparison.

The music of Starhunter and Starhunter 2300 is also superior to that of most Star Trek episodes from the Berman-Braga (Bermaga) era.  Most post-Star Trek IV series (excluding Enterprise) had wonderful opening and closing themes, but usually the rest of the music was aural wallpaper remarkable only for how unremarkable it was.  Jay Chattaway, who wrote some wonderful episode scores (notably for the  Tin Man episode of The Next Generation), got fired because his music was so good.  In contrast, the music of Starhunter and Starhunter 2300 is almost always appropriate.  In this case, that means, grim. But I can still play the end credits music from both series in my head.  Each theme is wonderful.

Star Crossed is the second episode of Starhunter 2300.  One of the definitions of dramatic irony is that the audience knows something a character does not.  By that standard this episode is replete with irony, for characters aboard the Tulip are still learning about each other facts that observant observant audience members learned during episode #1, Rebirth.  But as the characters learn about each other we, the audience members, discover who they are.


The episode opens with a weapons deal that turns into a Raider clan (read:  gang) hit.  The lovely Cira and her lover, Dakkota 79, head of the Dakkota Clan, purchase Thorium 238 that members of the rival Varren Clan have stolen from the Prometheus Consortium.  Then the members of the two clans shoot at each other, and the Dakkotas kill the Varrens.  All of this occurs in an empty alley in Syn City, Io, Jupiter Federation.

Marcus Fagen and Percy Montana

The next day, aboard the Tulip, Percy gives Marcus a maintenance tour of the ship.  The tour concludes when Percy and Marcus arrive at a closed door, beyond which one might explore multiple decks, quarters, kitchens, ballrooms, and a baseball field.  But Percy does not have to maintain what she does not use.

Also, Rudolpho DeLuna spends much of the episode skulking around the ship and sending and receiving transmissions covertly.  He is communicating with Lou Tove, who functions as a middle man between Raider clans and bounty hunters who pursue former Raiders.  Is Rudolpho trying to sell out Travis?

Rhendal Ving

Rhendal Ving, of the Jupiter Federation, calls Marcus and offers him work pursuing the Dakkota clan members who killed the Varrens on Io the previous day.  Jupiter Federation could send its own agents to prevent a possible Raider clan war that threatens to destabilize the peace, but bureaucracy stands in the way of that plan.  So the government hires bounty hunters instead.

Travis Montana

Travis accepts the work–f0r 200,000 credits.  He needs the work, for nobody has paid the bounty on Jimmi Zavras (from the previous episode) yet.

Callista “Callie” Larkadia

Ving, who is hardly Mister Congeniality, recognizes Callie from her time in Mars Federation Special Forces.  She exposed the corruption of certain members of Citadel Squad who planted falsified evidence on people.  So even the notoriously corrupt Mars Federation government had to drum members of the Citadel Squad out of the force.  Callie insisted that nobody had to right to falsify evidence.  But Ving resented Callie’s actions, saying the people framed were guilty anyway.

Pay attention to the Citadel Squad plot thread, which will become later in the series.

Percy Montana

Marcus becomes the second mechanic on the ship.  (Percy cannot do everything.)  Percy, without much interpersonal skill (but still much more than Rhendal Ving can muster on a good day) assigns Marcus a periodic maintenance task.  Then the following exchange ensues:

MARCUS:  Do you mean to piss people off, or is it just second nature to you?

PERCY:  Second nature.

Percy lightens up slightly by the end of the series, but not quite yet.

Marcus discovers the existence of Rudolpho’s transmissions and informs Percy.  Shortly thereafter, Percy confronts Rudolpho and vows to expel him via airlock if his messages place the ship or anyone on board at risk.

Percy had to obey Rudolpho in Starhunter, when he owned the Tulip.  Now that she owns it, another side of her emerges.  Of course, each series exists in a universe parallel to the other, so this is really another Percy confronting a different Rudolpho.

Redus Fledder-John and Lou Tove

Marcus lets Lou Tove board the Tulip.  But Tove brings Redus Fledder-John, a bounty hunter specializing in former Raiders, with him.

Percy Montana

A shoot ensues.  Fortunately, Marcus and Percy know how to defend themselves.  Tove falls, but Fledder-John gets away momentarily.

Dakkota 79 and Cira

Meanwhile, back on Io, Travis and Callie go undercover to infiltrate the Dakkota Clan.  There Travis recognizes Cira, whom he knew from his time as leader of the Varren Clan.  They were attracted to each other in those days, but he refused to become involved with her, citing the fact that they came from different clans.  Cira is still interested in Travis, but now there is another wrinkle:  She is really a bounty hunter pursuing both the stolen Thorium 238 and Dakkota 79.  The Prometheus Consortium hired her.

Dakkota 79 records Cira reveal that she is a bounty hunter.  So he threatens to kill her slowly and painfully.  Fortunately, Travis and Callie rescue her and take Dakkota 79 into custody.

Redus and Percy

Back on the Tulip, Redus Fledder-John takes Percy hostage, with the other crew members in pursuit of him.  Travis and Callie return to the ship and join the pursuit.

Redus and Percy

But Percy employs her self-defense techniques.  Then Rudolpho shoots Redus dead.

Travis lets Cira claim the bounty on the Thorium 238, but he insists on collecting the 200,000 credits for Dakkota 79.  Cira is unhappy, but not entirely disappointed.  The two of them part, with her promising that they will meet again.

Rudolpho DeLuna

Rudolpho speaks to Travis, explaining that he did not betray the former Raider.  Actually, Rudolpho drew Tove (and Redus, as it turns out) into the open.  The former owner of the Tulip explains that he had to kill Redus, who knew who Travis was.

Rudolpho, although far from perfect, tries more often than not to do the right thing.  Percy seems less than convinced, however.  But as she said to Marcus earlier in the episode, she trusts nobody.  At least she has not spaced him, though.

Speaking of Percy…

At the beginning of Rebirth she washed the color highlights out of her hair.  So she spends Starhunter 2300 with entirely dark hair.  Her hair is not the only thing darker about her than in Starhunter, when she was more whimsical.  Then again, that was parallel-universe Percy.

Among my goals with these posts is to write a useful episode guide for the Starhunter and Starhunter 2300 series.  This furthers another purpose, which is to interest others in viewing these episodes via methods consistent with U.S. copyright laws.  So, if these posts interest you, O reader, watch the episodes, share the posts, and spread the word.



All images are screen captures I took from a legal DVD via the Power DVD program.

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