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Tanya Allen as Percy Montana


The Encyclopedia of Gods, by Michael Jordan (Facts on File, 1993) says that Janus was the Roman deity of past, present, and future, and that adherents considered him “specifically a benign intercessor in times of war.”  Furthermore, Janus was “responsible for gates, doorways, and of all beginnings.”  This information is especially germane when considering that Callista (Callie) Larkadia’s father’s name is Janus.

Strasser and Travis (with Callie in the Red Dress)

Chasing Janus opens with Travis and Callie on a job to arrest Strasser, a smuggler, on Clarke Station, near Jupiter.  Strasser, however, recognizes Callie and shoots her.

Percy Montana

Travis rushes Callie, who is injured severely, back to the Tulip, where the other crew members prepare an antiquated twenty-first-century cyronics tube.  But it leaks, and Strasser’s attacks on the Tulip complicate matters in the short term.  Callie being a Larkadia, Travis suspects that she has a blank (a brainless clone kept for purposes of spare parts) on Mars.  So he takes the Tulip to Callie’s home planet.

Janus Larkadia

Travis visits Janus Larkadia at the family residence at Olympus Mons City.  Janus tells Travis that there is no blank.  (This is a lie.)

Vesta Larkadia

Travis leaves.  Then Vesta Larkadia, Callie’s mother named after the Roman deity of fire and the hearth, argues with her husband.  We viewers learn of the estrangement between mother and daughter over Callie’s decision to become a bounty hunter.  The two women have not spoken in two years, we learn later in the episode.  In this scene we learn also that the Larkadias, despite their reputation for great wealth, have fallen on relative hard times.  But Janus vows to find a way to save his daughter’s life.

Callie’s Blank

Callie does have a blank.  Janus has one, too, as does Vesta.  But Janus has had to pawn them at great expense.

Vesta Larkadia and Strasser

Meanwhile, Strasser invades the grounds of the Larkadia estate and makes unveiled threats regarding Janus and Callie.


Elsewhere, Janus tries to convince Nivinsky, who holds the lien on the family blanks, to help him save Callie’s life.  Nivinsky, being a cold-hearted man, announces his plans to foreclose on the blanks and to sell them for parts.  But he does offer a legally “murky” way of saving Callie, whose life is at risk in an unreliable cryonic tube aboard the Tulip.

Travis crosses paths with Strasser on Mars and a firefight ensues.

Travis Montana

But Mars security forces apprehend Travis and let Strasser get away.

They take him to see an unsympathetic detective, but Janus intervenes.  Callie’s father convinces the detective to let them consult criminal files via computer.

Strasser’s Real Identity Revealed

Travis knows that Janus lied about Callie not having a blank.  But Janus evades the questions.   Travis discovers, however, that Strasser is really Devak, an officially dead man who was part of Citadel Squad, whose corruption Callie exposed a few years ago.  Janus realizes that this was the man who spoke to his wife earlier in the day.  Callie’s enemies are his foes, too.

Percy Montana

Back on the Tulip, Percy and Marcus hear someone claiming to be from Mars customs inspections demanding to board the ship.  But Percy does not believe this claim is legitimate.  (She is correct.)  So she drives the false customs agent away by venting very cold carbon dioxide.

Travis and Rudolpho

Back on Mars, Janus has left Travis in the detective’s office.  Rudolpho arrives, and the detective says that the two of them can leave.  The two men split up temporarily.

Rudolpho pursues Janus, who is at an organ chop shop.  Casca, the unsavory man who runs the operation, insists on taking even Janus’ heart.  The man agrees, for this is the only way to raise the funds to buy back Callie’s blank and save her life.  Fortunately, Rudolpho comes to the rescue.

Then Strasser reappears and opens fire on Rudolpho.  Travis approaches from another angle and takes up the fight, which Rudolpho rejoins.  Finally, Travis subdues the officially dead man, whom Rudolpho takes into custody.

Travis and Nivinsky

Travis and Janus return to Nivinsky’s office, where Travis threatens Nivinsky with blunt force.  So Nivinsky agrees to release Callie’s blank for free immediately.  This happens just in time to save her life.

Callista “Callie” Larkadia

Janus visits the Tulip to see his daughter.  He is really proud of her and glad that she has found her place in life.  Travis suggests that he tell Callie this, for she knows none of it.  In private, Janus tries, but Callie rebuffs him.

Chasing Janus ends on a sad emotional note.  Yes, Callie will live, but she is not whole.  And neither are her parents, of whose actual financial state she is ignorant.  She has no idea how much her father was willing to sacrifice to save her from death.  True to his name, he has given her a future, but parent and child remain estranged.

We still haven’t worked out relationships in 2300.  Human nature is a constant, is it not?



All images are screen captures I took using the Power DVD program.  I encourage the viewing of Starhunter 2300 episodes only by means consistent with United States copyright laws.

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