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Tanya Allen as Percy Montana


In 1996-1997 Tanya Allen was part of the main cast of The Newsroom, a legendary Canadian comedy series set in the newsroom of a Toronto television station.  She played Audrey, the laconic intern who said things like, “That’s not my job.”

Tanya Allen as Audrey the Intern in Dis & Dat, a 1997 Episode of The Newsroom

The Newsroom presented a dark picture of television news.  The news director chose to lead each broadcast with sensationalism, not substance, and some of the employees seemed mostly to hang out in the news director’s office.  And how did some people get their positions?

Elisa Moolecherry as Gillian Soros in Dis & Dat

Consider the case of Gillian Soros.  She and Audrey were classmates in the television program at Ryerson University.  But Gillian dropped out and, in time, became regional executive in charge of broadcasting at the unnamed network, based on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).  Yet Audrey, who continued in the program, was just an intern.  Audrey resented all this in Dis & Dat.  When a coworker said that Audrey had a choice between being a “successful bitch” and a “decent human being,” she said that she wanted to be the former.

A Shared Joke in Parking

However, this resentment has melted away by the next episode, Parking, as the image above demonstrates.  Dating baseball player Alex Gonzales certainly helped improve Audrey’s mood.

Six years later Tanya Allen and Elisa Moolecherry reunited on the small screen in Starhunter 2300.

Becoming Shiva, although a dark episode, does contain some humor.  It comes from the banter between characters.  Our heroes are getting to know each other and are kidding each other.  This tale of eco-terrrorism takes its name from J. Robert Oppenheimer’s comment about the Trinity atomic bomb test in 1945:  He had become death, the destroyer of worlds.

Earth is barely habitable in 2300, so almost all humans live elsewhere in the solar system.  Rudolpho describes the planet as a “bloody sewer.”  A relative few people try to rehabilitate the homeworld, but life on other worlds is more profitable than that effort.  This information is essential to understanding the events of the episode.

Becoming Shiva opens at Ring Saturn.  Two terrorists, Nailson and Salvatore, plant a bomb in an empty part of the space station.  They arm the bomb, set the timer, and say to each other, “For Terra.”  Then they depart the station in their spacecraft.  Yet two maintenance men enter the vicinity of the bomb very shortly before the bomb detonates.

Elisa Moolecherry as Nailson

Nailson detects the men via her ship’s scanner.

This disturbs her, but not Salvatore.

Blast Impacts at Ring Shepherd

Two days later…

Travis is at Syn City, Io, Jupiter Federation, when a police officer hires him.  The authorities have received warning that the same terrorists who struck at Ring Shepherd will hit Syn City in one day.  The bounty hunter’s job is to prevent this from happening.

The terrorist organization, which is seven years old, calls itself Terra’s Children.  They have targeted structures, not people.  Aside from property damage, the worst they have done, prior to two days ago, has been to cause some minor injuries.

Nailson and Salvatore at Syn City

Nailson and Salvatore, carrying a bomb in a bag, arrive at Syn City.  The two argue about what happened at Syn City.  Nailson says, “We don’t kill.”  “Yes,” Salvatore replies, “but they do.”  Salvatore heads off to arm and plant the bomb, but Nailson observes him.  Then, when the coast is clear, she disarms and moves the bomb.

Percy and Marcus

Percy and Marcus monitor the video feeds from their perch on the Bridge of the Tulip while Travis, Callie, and Rudolpho are in Syn City.


Percy tells Marcus that her uncle Dante “saved the Earth once.”  So Dante did succeed in at least one reality.  (For more details, follow this link:

Percy and Marcus identify Nailson on the video feed.  They inform Rudolpho, is most approximate to her position.  He pursues her, so she runs and drops the bag with the bomb inside.  Nevertheless, Callie and Travis apprehend Nailson, who gives a short speech about the “indifferent children of the Earth.”

Nailson in the Brig

Percy brings Nailson food.  The prisoner perceives that Percy has grown up on the ship.  This is sad, Nailson comments.

Travis arrives next, and Percy leaves.  He asks Nailson where Salvatore is, but the prisoner denies knowing Salvatore.  She works alone, she says.  Nailson does, however, reveal her motivation for her terrorist activities:  Jeremy, her seven-year-old son, died of cancer.  Only Terrans worry about cancer in 2300.

Salvatore, meanwhile, returns to his underground base on Adrastea, the smallest moon of Jupiter.  He has a job for one of his followers.


Marcus tells Travis what he has learned:  Nailson had disarmed the bomb at Syn City.  This confirms that the prisoner has just lied to Travis; Salvatore must have set the bomb to go off in a public place.

Nevertheless, Nailson is not an innocent party.  So Travis is on schedule to turn her over to authorities at Ring Saturn.  He, Callie, and Rudolpho take accompany Nailson aboard a shuttle and head for Ring Shepherd, but have to turn around because station control, citing new security procedures, orders them not to dock.  So Travis turns around and returns to the Tulip.

Marcus and Two Fake Inspection Agents

Those security procedures need revision, for two of Salvatore’s men have killed and taken the places of two inspection agents.  (This was the job of which Salvatore spoke at Adrastea.)  They reveal their identities on the Bridge of the Tulip and attempt to access navigational controls from there.  They shoot at Marcus, who flees for his life.  Caravaggio informs Percy, who says, “It’s always something!”

Callie and Rudolpho return Nailson to the brig while Travis confronts the two fake inspection agents.  They kill themselves with a small, hand-held bomb, which does not harm Travis because he gets far enough away.

Percy succeeds where Travis failed; she persuades Nailson to reveal Salvatore’s location.  She does this by increasing the gravity in the prisoner’s cell 8.6 times Earth standard.

Adrastea, the smallest moon of Jupiter, will collide with Jupiter in time.  Salvatore plots to commandeer the Tulip, use the ship to push the moon into the planet, and thereby create a radiation burst and shockwave that will kill the three billion people of the Jupiter Federation.

Travis,  Callie, and Rudolpho find Salvatore and his men on Adrastea.  The terrorists surrender immediately.  (This is too easy.)  Travis takes Salvatore and two terrorists back to the Tulip, where they break loose.  A shootout ensues, during which Salvatore liberates Nailson from the brig.  Percy confronts them, but Nailson punches her in the face.  “You were right, ” Nailson tells Salvatore, “they don’t deserve our compassion.”

Back on Adrastea, Callie and Rudolpho are watching the other terrorists when Callie detects an armed bomb with a timer.  She and Rudolpho flee, taking the terrorists’ own vessel.  There is not a spacecraft Callie can’t fly, at least according to her.  I believe her.

Back on the Tulip, Nailson goes to the Bridge and engages navigational controls.  The plan to use the ship to push Adrastea into Jupiter is in underway.  Fortunately, Marcus shuts down the engines in time.

Salvatore, meanwhile, is in a shuttle.  Callie pursues him and disables his engines.  “Whatever happens now, it happens to you, too,” she tells him.


Salvatore calls Nailson and orders her to abort the mission.  But Nailson refuses, saying, “Too late for that.  They will not ignore Earth again.”


Percy, however, gun in hand, confronts Nailson.  The terrorist dares Percy to shoot her.  Yet Percy would prefer to punch her in the face.  Then Travis, having won his gunfight, enters the Bridge.  Nailson aims her weapon at him, and he shoots her dead.

The Tulip

Marcus restores the engines, and the Tulip gets underway for Ring Shepherd, where Travis insists on turning Salvatore over to the authorities.


Travis visits Percy, who is alone in her quarters.  He asks, “Are you okay?”  She replies, “No.”

Thus ends Becoming Shiva.

Percy has been through quite a bit, and there is more to come.  How she deals with it is part of her character arc in Starhunter 2300.

Viewing as much as possible of Tanya Allen’s filmed work reveals how good an actress she is, how she can do both comedy and drama very convincingly.  Her work in The Newsroom, the Starhunter series, and various movies spans a variety of genres, and she is excellent in all of them.

Next, in Episode #7, The Third Thing, the crew of the Tulip faces another potentially lethal challenge–a scripted reality show.



All images are screen captures from either Starhunter 2300 or The Newsroom.  These series are available in their entirety via means consistent with U.S. copyright laws.

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