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Tanya Allen as Percy Montana


Parallel universes have become a favored plot device in science fiction.  One can argue intelligently that each season of Space: 1999 occurs in a separate universe.  I contend that Starhunter and Starhunter 2300 also do this.  Star Trek:  The Next Generation had an episode called Parallels, in which Worf crossed from parallel universe to parallel universe.  Then there is the Starhunter two-parter A Twist in Time and Eat Sin (  Beyond that, how can one not think of the 2009 Star Trek movie?

The parallel universe theme returns in Stitch in Time.  Back in A Twist in Time and Eat Sin, there were parallel versions of a psychotic killer stalking our heroes.  This time, however, we have a parallel Percy Montana.  Tanya Allen does an excellent job playing two characters with identical wardrobes and hair styles.  One is our beloved space waif, but the other is a violent criminal.  The difference is evident in her eyes and tone of voice, however.

Travis Montana

The episode opens with Travis having a bad dream.  He hears Dante, his father, calling out for help.  Dream-Travis explores the ship, following the voice and finding only one other crew member–Percy, who is dead.  He also sees a flashing light coming from near the asteroid Ida, which is between Mars and Jupiter.

Travis, Ritson, and Callie

Travis does wake up eventually, only to discover that it is afternoon ship’s time and that everybody remarks about how bad he looks.  He gets himself together in time to travel with Callie to Mars Correctional to collect a Jupiter Federation Special Forces deserter, Ritson, for transfer to Clarke Station as part of a prisoner swap.  Ritson had been a decorated soldier, so why had he deserted a year and a half ago?

Percy, on the Bridge, alerts the rest of the crew to a flashing light coming from near Ida.


They all see it, but Caravaggio reports that something was there–until it was no longer there.  There has never been any settlement on Ida, the A.I. says.  (This is important information.)

Travis alone hears a distress signal, confusing everyone.  Percy leaves the Bridge, saying that she must check the scanners.


Then Gallentis, a mining platform, appears out of nowhere.  Everyone on the Bridge hears the distress signal now.


Below decks, a blue light overtakes Percy.

Evil Percy

This blue light results in the replacement of our Percy with evil Percy, who spends much of the episode skulking around the ship, eavesdropping on conversations, and revealing her ignorance of what our Percy knows.

Evil Percy

Evil Percy visits Ritson in the brig.


She is unaware of the prisoner exchange or how to control the ship.  Evil Percy asks Ritson for help in transferring control of the Tulip to engineering, in fact. And she is more aggressive than our Percy.

Parker and Callie

Travis and Callie rescue Captain Parker, the commanding officer of Gallentis.  This is a difficult operation, for the gravitational forces around the mining platform complicate matters.  He is alone on the mining platform and distraught because he cannot find his crew.

There is another problem.  Gallentis is interfering with the Tulip‘s communication system.  Whatever could be going on?

Meanwhile, Evil Percy finds Marcus and says that she must have hit her head harder than she thought.

Rudolpho checks sources public and covert.  Both confirm that there is Gallentis mining platform, there is no mine at Ida, and there has never been a settlement on the asteroid.  This contradicts what Captain Parker said.

Evil Percy

Evil Percy, however, is well aware of “the Gallentis.”  She volunteers to take food to Ritson, but does not know the way to the galley.  She must have hit her head harder than she thought, she says.  Everybody notices that Percy is not her usual self, but cannot explain the difference.

In the brig, Ritson tells Evil Percy how to operate the ship.  He also praises her recent prison break at Gallentis, calling it “damn brilliant.”  “I doubt it’s been done before, ” she replies.  So Ritson (at least this version of him) hails from a parallel universe.  That might explain his desertion.

Travis, Parker, and Callie

Parker is distraught and confused.  Where is his crew?  Where is his son, Michael, who works with him?  The captain contacts the Mines Division of the Mars Federation, but nobody there has a record of his existence.  So Parker is even more confused.  He does reveal to Travis and Callie, however, that the miners at Gallentis are the worst of the worst–psychotics, murderers, rapists, and serial killers.

Evil Percy

Evil Percy does not know where to find engineering, but no crew members suspect that she is not their Percy.


There is a nice character moment between Travis and Callie.  After agreeing that they believe Parker, they state how much they like each other.  “I don’t know what I’d do without you–the crew, I mean,” Callie says.  She continues, “You guys are all I’ve got.”  Travis indicates that the feeling is mutual, but there is more to this exchange than a recognition of friendship.  This is a hint of things to come.

Travis, Parker, and Callie

Travis realizes that Parker’s crew did not disappear; Parker did.  The captain states that it was possible that someone opened a portal between universes, but that he is unsure whether he knows how to reverse the process.

Evil Percy removes Ritson from the brig so that he can transfer ship’s control to engineering.  Callie, Marcus, and Rudolpho, armed, subdue Ritson and return him to the brig.

Evil Percy

Meanwhile, Evil Percy targets Parker, who recognizes her. He says, “So they were right about the sabotage.”


Fortunately, Travis overpowers Evil Percy, whose identity Parker reveals to the bounty hunter.

Evil Percy

Evil Percy is a mass murderer–she says a “very successful one”.  She created the singularity out of which Gallentis emerged.  And she switched places with our Percy.  Evil Percy says of our Percy, “I don’t imagine she’s enjoying doing hard time in a mine,” and that our Percy will stay “where I was” if Travis kills her (Evil Percy).  So Evil Percy goes to the brig instead.

Parker and Bounty Hunters

Captain Parker tells the bounty hunters that he has figured out a way to escape the singularity and to return everyone his or her proper universe.  So Travis an Callie take him to Gallentis then return to the Tulip.  Parker sets his plan into motion, causing the mining platform to disappear and Evil Percy to vanish from the Tulip‘s brig.


Travis and Callie return to the Bridge, where they find our Percy, who is understandably antsy.  “I was in a mine with homicidal maniacs.  What the hell?”  she asks.

Callie and Travis

Callie and Travis confer in private.  They wonder if Captain Parker succeeded in his mission.  But they have not informed Percy of her doppelganger yet.

There is one crucial unanswered question:  Did Ritson also disappear from the brig?  And there is a related query:  Is or was there a good Ritson stuck in a parallel universe?

Next:  The Prisoner, in which we learn more about why Travis has a guilty conscience.  We also become acquainted with the Orchard again.



All images are screen captures I took via Power DVD.  As always, I encourage the viewing of Starhunter 2300 episodes only in ways consistent with United States copyright laws.

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