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Travis Montana and Percy Montana


Family is one of the major themes of the Starhunter series.  Dante Montana spent the first series searching for his son, Travis, of whom I think as as Travis Alpha, owing to my StarhunterStarhunter 2300 parallel universes theory. In Starhunter 2300, Travis Beta thinks of his missing father, whom he has not seen since his childhood.   And the bounty hunters aboard the Transutopian form a family of sorts, more so as the series approaches the end of its too-brief run.

It might be a dysfunctional family, but it is a family nevertheless.  Callie is estranged from her biological family, Rudolpho has three failed marriages, and Travis and Percy are all the family the other has.  As for Marcus, we will have to wait until the next episode to learn about his family.

Dawn Stern as Callista “Callie” Larkadia

Watching Dawn Stern act is one of the pleasures of viewing Starhunter 2300 episodes.  One can tell merely by looking at her that she has a mixed genetic background which gives her a lovely and exotic appearance.  According to a quote on her IMDB page, she is as much of a tomboy as is Callie Larkadia.

Speaking of Callie…

She is having a very bad day.  There are some excellent reasons for this fact:

  1. Bolger, the prisoner, threatens her physically.  Callie takes care of herself, but this threat does not help her mood.
  2. Most corridors aboard the Tulip are dark for purposes of conserving power an saving money.
  3. Callie had to take a cold shower this morning because there is no hot water in her quarters.
  4. The ship is old and falling apart.
  5. Callie thinks that she is wasting her life aboard the Tulip.

Recapturing Bolger

Then Bolger escapes.  So Callie and Travis recapture him, but he falls into some of the ship’s innards and is almost electrocuted.  Main power fails as a large asteroid hurdles toward the Tulip.

Fortunately, the Seattle, a modern, commercial bounty hunting vessel, is in the area.  It destroys the asteroid and saves the Tulip.

Captain Christopher Judson

Captain Christopher Judson hails the Tulip.  He is glad to be of service.  And he is of further notice, for he and his doctor come over to save Bolger’s life.  The crew of the Tulip will not receive payment if their prisoner dies.  Judson is as helpful and polite as Travis is annoyed and self-conscious about the problems of the Tulip.

The Seattle belongs to the fleet of FCS, or Fugitive Containment Services, which has corporate backing.  Their ships are modern and clean, the crew members wear nice uniforms, there are teams of bounty hunters on shifts, and the company offers an excellent benefits package.  Judson is also competing with Travis and the crew of the Tulip, but never in a Machiavellian manner.  Judson is a good guy.

Callie and Judson

Callie gives Judson a tour of the Tulip.  The two of them get along well.

Callie and Judson

Then Judson gives Callie a tour of the Seattle.  She is quite impressed with Judson’s operation, as he is with her.  So he offers her a job.  Callie considers it seriously.

Callie and Travis

Callie returns to the Tulip.

There is general bounty call from Jupiter Federation.  One Maxim Vendel has escaped from Ganymede.  He plans to kill someone.  He has so many enemies, who it is difficult to identify his target.  But the government is sufficiently concerned to offer a bounty of 200,000 credits for a preemptive capture–dead or alive.  The Seattle embarks immediately after returning Bolger to the Tulip, which must stay behind until Marcus finishes repairing the engines.


Judson calls Callie again and repeats his job offer.  She asks for a little time to consider, and he agrees.

Judson bounces that communication signal off Ring Shepherd, in the Saturn Federation, to make Travis think that Vendel is at Ring Shepherd.  So that is where Travis takes the Tulip.

Maxim Vendel 

Yet Vendel is really at Clarke Station, where he has killed a bellboy who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  And Judson is en route to Clarke Station.  He arrives a day before the Tulip does.

Callie Aboard the Seattle

The Tulip does arrive at Clarke Station, where authorities collect Bolger and Callie joins the crew of the Seattle.  Travis cannot talk her out of this.  Immediately, though, Callie begins to realize her mistake.  She works by paying attention to the word on the street, which is not FCS policy.  Judson and his bounty hunters work in a more bureaucratic and hierarchical way, with less give and take than aboard the Tulip.  Judson’s right-hand man has a plan to corner Vendel, and Callie tries unsuccessfully to warn him off it.


Callie was right, and Vendel had set a trap.  She, the only survivor, informs Judson, who tells her to stay put while he files “a ton of paperwork.”

Travis and Marcus

Travis and Marcus do not have to file paperwork, however.  And they are in a bar at Clarke Station.


Callie calls the Tulip, where Percy answers and patches her through to Travis.  The erstwhile crew member gives Travis a heads up about Vendel.

Nestor Grant

Marcus spots Nestor Grant, a prosecutor who once put him away for six months.  Did Grant also prosecute Vendel?  It is worthwhile to watch Grant.

Judson and Callie

Vendel enters the bar and sees Grant.  Then Judson and Callie enter the bar.  Vendel cannot miss them, given their uniforms.  Judson warns Grant that he might be in danger, and Callie takes Grant away to safety.  Then Judson sits down and Vendel approaches him and asks if he remembers him.  Judson, who arrested Vendel once years ago, is the target.  Travis informs Callie of this, so Callie and her former captain save Judson’s life as Vendel becomes the victim of his own murderous technology.  The crew of Tulip gets paid.

Callie, Home Again

Callie returns to the Tulip, where Travis is especially glad to have her back.  Judson misses her, too, but he admits that she was out of place aboard the Seattle.

Next:  The Heir and the Spare.  Marcus learns who he really is and Percy goes “bananas,” as she puts it.



All images are screen captures I took using the PowerDVD program.  As always, I encourage the viewing of Starhunter and Starhunter 2300 episodes only via methods consistent with U.S. copyright laws.  Buy season sets, watch episodes legally online, use Netflix, visit a video rental store, or borrow somebody’s copy, but obey copyright laws.

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