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Tanya Allen as Percy Montana


Starhunter (2000-2001) has three main human shipboard characters, an A.I., and Rudolpho, who appears via transmissions.  So there are many scenes in which Percy is prominent.  Yet Starhunter 2300 (2003-2004) has five shipboard human characters, including Rudolpho, so there are fewer scenes in which Percy is prominent.  A greater number of Percy Montana scenes is a positive development.  Fortunately, she is a major character in The Heir and Spare, unlike some other episodes.  Sadly, though, Percy will not appear in the next two episodes.

Rudolpho and Travis

Travis and his crew are pursuing one Alex Arroyan, who seduces then fleeces women, often older ones.  Most of these femmes do not want to speak to our intrepid heroes, so they have a challenging task locating this confidence man who does not stay in place for a long time.  Alas, one officer Eva Halperin of the Mars Federation lacks a sense of humor or patience about this situation.  She tells Travis, “We don’t pay out 100,000 credits for an easy ride.  Rudolpho, who is amused, says, “But his victims clearly do.”

Rudolpho, in his transmissions from Starhunter (2000-2001), often revealed too much information about hot dates.  His sense of probity in deciding what to keep secret was lacking.  He is no less unrestrained in his lack of good judgment in Starhunter 2300.

Callie and Rudolpho

Callie notes Halperin’s edginess.  Rudolpho suggests that the officer “could use a little of what Alex is offering.”  Callie asks, “Are you speaking from personal experience?”  Rudolpho admits, “Faded memory, unfortunately.”  TMI.


Down in the engine room, Percy and Marcus are working again.  Percy is unusually moody, reacting very badly to her shipmate’s obsession with finding a way into hyperspace.  Dante, her uncle, is lost there.  She was lost there for fifteen years.  Percy likes normal space.


Percy puts two somethings together “slowish,” resulting in…

Percy and Marcus

…blue sparks, an immediate threat to the ship, and a 37% decrease in ship’s power.

Percy and Marcus

So Percy and Marcus separate the somethings.


Shortly later, Percy, quite tired, returns to her quarters, where she hears…


…and sees things that are not there.

Travis asks Marcus to work on the engines, which have lost 37% of their power.   Marcus, on his way to engineering, visits Percy and ask her to help.


Yet she refuses, saying that she has to sleep.  She does not sleep.

Back to the other story line…

How to find Alex Arroyan?  What does he look like now, given his habit of frequent plastic surgery?  One needs bait, which brings me to Callie.

Callie Larkadia and Alex Arroyan

Callie reels in the smooth-talking suave charmer and Travis and Rudolpho surround him.

Marcus and Callie

The bounty hunters take Alex to the infirmary before Marcus takes him to the brig.  When Marcus enters the infirmary Arroyan stares at him.  Also in the infirmary, Travis calls Officer Halperin who, it turns out, has a personal vendetta against the con man.

In private, Caravaggio drops a bombshell on Marcus:  Alex Arroyan is his identical twin, according to the recent genetic scan.  How can this be, though?  Marcus, a test tube baby.  He never knew his parents.  So how can he have a twin?

Percy and Rudolpho

Percy, quite stressed, is working in engineering when Rudolpho visits.  He has the good sense to leave.

Marcus speaks to Arroyan in the brig.  The prisoner confirms what Caravaggio said and adds that this is bad news for Marcus.  Meanwhile, two heavily-armed ships intercept  the Tulip.  One Jaten Sarat hails Travis and demands that the bounty hunter hand over Arroyan.

Arroyan is on the run from more than a scorned woman on Mars.  His greater enemy is Sarat, a warlord from Europa.  Travis fires on the attacking ships while Marcus and Alex take a shuttle, thereby dividing Sarat’s attention and sparing the Tulip.

The Tulip is still running on diminished power.  Travis asks Percy, who is upside down in engineering, if the Tulip can catch up with the shuttle.


Percy replies, “Um, not unless we all pout.”  Then she laughs.

Marcus and Alex go to Io Orbital.  Sarat, Alex explains, murdered the Europan royal family twenty-five years ago.  But there were two test tube legacies, who became Alex and Marcus.


Travis visits Percy in engineering.  She is as stressed as he is reassuring.

Wilkes Halian with Alex Arroyan

Marcus does not believe Alex’s story, so Arroyan takes him to Wilkes Halian, their “uncle.”  Halian was a royal family servant.  After Sarat executed the royal massacre at a family wedding, Halian arranged for the gestation of the two eggs, one of which was intended to become the heir and the other of which was planned to become the spare, or blank.  A blank, introduced in Chasing Janus (, is a mindless double of a person.  Its purpose is to serve as a source for spare parts for a wealthy person.  Alex was supposed to be the heir and Marcus the spare.  But Halian raised Alex as his son and placed Marcus in an orphanage.  If anything happened to Alex at least there would be Marcus.  Now Halian is plotting a coup d’etat against the dictatorship on Europa, and Marcus seems like the natural person to lead it.  Yet Marcus takes no interest in the offer.

Jaten Sarat

Sarat and his forces kill Wilkes Halian and capture Alex and Marcus.  Then they discover that the two are twins.  Alex refuses Sarat’s offer to become a puppet king, so the warlord announces his plan to kill and clone Alex then to make Marcus a blank.  It is a simple procedure which entails cutting out one’s brain.


Percy, having done all she knows to do to increase the ship’s power, returns to her quarters.  She thanks Caravaggio for “you know, stuff” before staring around, recording a message, and departing the Tulip without anyone knowing about it.

Travis (Alpha), back in Resurrection (, told Percy that she needed to get off the Tulip for a while.  She was away for a few days in Skin Deep ( most recently.  Now she has taken a vacation.

The Tulip catches up with Sarat’s ship, which is headed for Europa.  Travis (Beta) and Marcus bluff Sarat into releasing the brothers, fortunately.


The two brothers return to the Tulip in time to learn of Percy’s departure.

Percy’s Message

Everyone watches Percy’s message:

Hi.  It’s not going to come as any great surprise to anyone, but it seems that I’ve gone a bit bananas.  So, I’m gonna take off…for a bit.  I don’t want you to come after me.  I have lived my whole life on this ship and I think I’m due a vacation.  Now this is very, very important:  Do not think that you have just scored yourselves a ship because I will always, always be able to find the Tulip.  I do care about you guys though for some reason, so take care of yourselves.  Bye.

Travis opts not to hand Arroyan over to the Mars Federation and Officer Halperin.  So Alex will leave soon, to continue to evade Sarat and probably to seek more plastic surgery and another sugar mommy.

Travis at the Door to Percy’s Quarters

Travis (Beta) stands at the door to Percy’s vacant quarters as the episode rolls to end credits.  Maybe her absence will be good for her.

Percy will return in the twentieth episode, Licence to Fill, a clip show, and appear in Hyperspace I and Hyperspace II, the last two episodes.  Episodes # 18 and 19, although excellent, suffer from a lack of Tanya Allen.

The remaining episodes are:

#18–Just Politics–The politics of keeping secrets in the Mars Federation entails murder sometimes.

#19–Negative Energy–When Travis applies for a permit to change the energy source of the Tulip he attracts the attention of a corrupt official and the Orchard.

#20–Licence to Fill–In this clip show a vengeful Mars Federation official with a grudge against Callie defames the entire crew.  O, and by the way, Percy returns.

#21 and 22–Hyperspace I and II–The crew finds a way into hyperspace and nasty internal politics break out in the Orchard.  Part II ends on a cliffhanger, unfortunately.



All images are screen captures.  I encourage the viewing of Starhunter 2300 via methods consistent with U.S. copyright laws.

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