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Tanya Allen as Percy Montana


The Orchard creeps me out.  It has ever since I entered the Starhunter/Starhunter 2300 multiverse, probably in 2004.  I lived immediately outside Dublin, Georgia, at the time, and I found the fifteen episodes of Starhunter  (2000-2001) then available on DVD on sale at the local Big Lots.  That was a great day.  Members of the Orchard are willing to sell out each other and the human race as a whole just to pursue their goal of controlling the four genes of the Divinity Cluster (follow this link: and the power they unleash.  That organization’s perfidy is on full display in the last two episodes of Starhunter 2300, Hyperspace I and II.

An Article from an Obscure Scientific Journal in 2300

Marcus is holed up late one night (ship’s time) while reading obscure scientific journals.

Marcus Fagen

One article attracts his undivided attention.

Sleepy Bounty Hunters

So he assembles the sleep-deprived bounty hunters to explain what he has learned.  Rudolpho sleeps the presentation.

This impromptu summons has, unfortunately for Travis, interrupted an erotic dream involving Callie.  So he just wants to get back to sleep and that dream.

Anyhow, Marcus has learned that, hypothetically, of course, a negative energy pulse, when fired through plasma conduits in an antimatter engine, should result in the formation of a warp bubble, thereby allowing a vessel to enter hyperspace.  This is what Dr. Gregor Laszig, an obscure astrophysicist, wrote in an obscure scientific journal.  Marcus, however, does not know how to test this theory, so the others (except Rudolpho) return to their quarters grumpily.

Travis Montana

Travis does not fall asleep, though, nor does he think of Callie.  Instead, he ponders Dante, his father lost in hyperspace.

Travis in Hyperspace

Then he enters hyperspace, where he encounters a woman who tells him that he is the one who will find her.

A few hours later, Marcus is the only well-rested and non-grumpy person on board.  Caravaggio reports that Travis is not on board, but Callie insists on a thorough search of the ship anyway.

Tristan Catchpole

Meanwhile, at Orchard headquarters, on Mars, Tristan Catchpole is conferring in private with…


…Roone, another Orchard member.  They have a common agenda they are keeping from Dr. Edward Murchison, leader of the Orchard.  (Follow this link for a Catchpole-Murchison refresher:  Roone tells Catchpole that Orchard agents are bringing three more people with the first Divinity Cluster gene activated to headquarters.  (One gets the impression that they are coming involuntarily.)  This news pleases Catchpole, for Stage One people are easy to control.  Roone then tells Catchpole that she estimates three years “to hybridize the species.”  This is their true agenda, and Murchison has been too busy obsessing about finding a way to get a ship into hyperspace that he has not noticed anything else.

The “hybridization of the species” terrified Eccleston, who tried to prevent it, in Resurrection (  Members of the alien species which implanted the four Divinity Cluster genes inside our ancestors three million years ago were waiting to be reborn in us.  According to Eccleston, however, the aliens were terrifying, and the process of hybridization ought not to proceed.  But that was the Starhunter universe, parallel to that of Starhunter 2300.

Catchpole senses that two people have entered hyperspace, thereby causing a displacement.  He suspects that Travis Montana is one of them yet does not know who the other could be.

Callista “Callie” Larkadia

Callie is searching the ship for Travis when…

Travis Returning

…she sees Travis return to the ship via a white light.  Callie demands to know where he has been, for she–“we”–have been worried about him.  The tone of Callie’s voice reveals that she was the most worried of them all.

The Briefing

Travis tells the others where he has been.

At an Orchard Meeting

Back on Mars, Murchison chairs a meeting of the Orchard’s executive board.  He finds the recent events in hyperspace disturbing.  How can the Orchard monopolize access to hyperspace with events such as these taking place?  Catchpole says that Travis is not a Stage Two yet, so the real threat is the second person, who is a Stage Two; that person’s second Divinity Cluster gene is fully activated.  So Catchpole suggests permitting Travis to lead them to the second person.  Then the Orchard can “kill two birds with one stone.”

Aboard the Tulip, near Jupiter, Marcus explains to Travis that they need a horizon generator, whatever that is.  And Dr. Laszig, who wrote of such a device, has disappeared.


Percy explains to Callie and Rudolpho why she hates hyperspace.  Being trapped in that dimension is like “getting stuck for centuries in a cell with no window,” she says.

Yet that ship has already sailed; the road to hyperspace is the crew’s path.  Travis and Marcus track down a lead regarding Dr. Laszig.  One Dr. Waylon Hersch tells them that he has never met Laszig in person, but has dealt with Laszig’s assistant, Dr. Vienna Xeylon, who is on Io.  So the Tulip heads for Io, and Rudolpho, via a “friend of questionable character,” provides a Syn City address for Dr. Xeylon.


Travis and Callie depart in a shuttle.  She suspects that she was in a certain dream, given the way that Travis has been looking at her since.  And Callie likes that look.

Dr. Vienna Xeylon

The bounty hunters locate Dr. Xeylon, who invented the persona of Dr. Laszig as a cover.  The scientist and Travis recognize each other immediately; she was expecting him.  Unfortunately, Orchard armed thugs have followed Travis and Callie, so the Dr. Xeylon and the bounty hunters have to escape her home through a broken window.  A firefight ensues, and an Orchard thug shoots Callie in one shoulder, after which another thug conks out Travis.

Xeylon and Catchpole

Then Catchpole arrives and two Orchard thugs take Xeylon away.

Travis and Callie

Travis and Callie return to the Tulip with the horizon generator, which resembles a clear glass ball.  Callie says that she is fine, but “may never play the tambourine again.”

Travis and Marcus with the Horizon Generator

Marcus notices that “something is up” between Travis and Callie, but Travis does not seem to understand what this “something” is.

Dr. Edward Murchison

On Mars, Dr. Murchison tries unsuccessfully to persuade Dr. Xeylon to join his side.

Dr. Xeylon and Catchpole

Even Catchpole fails–after taking her to a planet 1,000 light years distant.  By now Catchpole and Murchison know that Xeylon is Laszig.

Travis, realizing that the Orchard has taken Xeylon to Mars, sets course for the red planet.


Callie dies during the trip when her heart dissolves and her lungs fail, both results of the weapon the Orchard thug used against her.

Marcus Grieving

Callie’s death shocks the crew, with Marcus being the most emotionally overt person.  Percy, as usual, is subdued, as are Rudolpho and Travis, who drown their sorrows with a little alcohol.

But Travis suspects that there may be way to change history.  He entered hyperspace and traveled back to the time and place of Callie’s  shooting as she died.  He did it once; he can do it again–and he might be able to save her life.

Darius, in Dark and Stormy Night (follow this link:, established that the Divinity Cluster enables one to travel back and forth in time.  The experiences of our favorite captain confirm this.  Aside from this episode, he has traveled through time in Rebirth ( and The Prisoner (

The Tulip arrives at Mars and Travis and Marcus take a shuttle to the surface.  They rescue Dr. Xeylon from the Orchard just in time from preventing that nefarious organization from changing her mind against her will–reprogramming her.  (I said that the Orchard is really creepy.)  The bounty hunters and the scientist return to the Tulip immediately.

An Orchard Vessel

An Orchard vessel, faster and more heavily armed than the Tulip, is in orbit and pursuit.  And it has a grapple.  So our heroes’ best hope is that Xeylon can activate the antimatter drive and get them out of there very soon.

Dr. Xeylon and Company

Dr. Xeylon gets to work immediately.  Meanwhile, the Orchard ship continues to fire to on the Transutopian.  The Orchard vessel, almost on top of the Tulip, is preparing to use its grapple…

Activating the Antimatter Drive

…when Dr. Xeylon activates the antimatter drive.

The Transutopian

The Tulip enters hyperspace as the end credits roll.

Some of the early Starhunter 2300 episodes are rocky, but the series improves greatly over time.  The later episodes draw nicely on many on the earlier ones, thereby creating great unity for the series, which, unfortunately, has just twenty-two episodes.

So this is the penultimate episode.  My next post will cover the series finale.



All images are screen caps, the existence of which I credit to the PowerDVD program.  As always, I encourage the viewing of any Starhunter or Starhunter 2300 episode only by a method consistent with United States copyright laws.

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