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1 (Frederick Denison Maurice, Anglican Priest and Theologian)

  • Henry Hallam Tweedy, U.S. Congregationalist Minister, Liturgist, and Hymn Writer
  • Sidonius Apollinaris, Eucherius of Lyon, and His Descendants, Roman Catholic Bishops
  • Syragius of Autun and Anacharius of Auxerre, Roman Catholic Bishops, and Valery of Leucone and Eustace of Luxeuit, Roman Catholic Abbots

2 (James Lloyd Breck, “The Apostle of the Wilderness”)

  • John Payne and Cuthbert Mayne, Roman Catholic Priests and Martyrs

3 (Luther D. Reed, U.S. Lutheran Minister and Liturgist)

  • Burgendofara and Sadalberga, Roman Catholic Abbesses, and Their Relations
  • Ernest W. Shurtleff, U.S. Congregationalist Minister and Hymn Writer
  • William of Eskilsoe, Roman Catholic Abbot

4 (Benjamin Hall Kennedy, Greek and Latin Scholar, Bible Translator, and Anglican Priest)

  • Benedict the African, Franciscan Friar and Hermit
  • George the Younger, Greek Orthodox Bishop of Mitylene
  • Martin Luther King, Jr., Civil Rights Leader (also January 15)

5 (Milner Ball, Presbyterian Minister, Law Professor, Witness for Civil Rights, Humanitarian)

  • Nokter Balbulus, Roman Catholic Monk

6 (Marcellinus of Carthage, Roman Catholic Martyr)

  • Albrecht Durer, Matthias Grunewald, and Lucas Cranach the Elder, Artists
  • Daniel G. C. Wu, Episcopal Priest and Missionary to Chinese Americans
  • Frederic Barker, Anglican Bishop of Sydney

7 (Tikhon of Moscow, Russian Orthodox Patriarch)

  • John Baptist de La Salle, Founder of the Christian Brothers
  • Montford Scott, Edmund Gennings, Henry Walpole, and Their Fellow Martyrs

8 (Julie Billiart, Founder of the Congregation of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur)

  • William Augustus Muhlenberg, Episcopal Priest

9 (Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Martyr and German Lutheran Theologian)

  • Frederick Arthur Gore Ouseley, Anglican Priest, Composer, and Musical Scholar
  • Jay Thomas Stocking, U.S. Congregationalist Minister and Hymn Writer
  • John Samuel Bewley Monsell, Anglican Priest and Poet; and Richard Mant, Anglican Bishop of Down, Connor, and Dromore

10 (Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Roman Catholic Priest, Scientist, and Theologian)

  • Henry Van Dyke, U.S. Presbyterian Theologian
  • Howard Thurman, Protestant Theologian
  • Mikael Agricola, Finnish Lutheran Liturgist, Bishop of Turku, and “Father of Finnish Literary Language”

11 (Dionysius of Corinth, Roman Catholic Bishop)

  • Anthony Neyrot, Roman Catholic Martyr
  • Charles Stedman Newhall, U.S. Naturalist, Hymn Writer, and Congregationalist and Presbyterian Minister

12 (Alfred Lee, Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church)

  • Julius I, Bishop of Rome
  • William Sloane Coffin, Social Activist

13 (Hermenegild, Visigothic Prince and Roman Catholic Martyr)

  • Hugh of Rouen, Roman Catholic Bishop, Abbot, and Monk
  • Mikael Agricola, Finnish Lutheran Bishop of Tallinn

14  (Edward Thomas Demby and Henry Beard Delany, Episcopal Suffragan Bishops for Colored Work)

  • Fulbert of Chartres, Roman Catholic Bishop
  • Wandregisilus of Normandy, Roman Catholic Abbot, and Lambert of Lyons, Roman Catholic Abbot and Bishop

15 (Olga of Kiev, Regent of Kievan Russia; Adalbert of Magdeburg, Roman Catholic Bishop; Adalbert of Prague, Roman Catholic Bishop and Martyr; and Benedict and Gaudentius of Pomerania, Roman Catholic Martyrs)

  • Damien de Veuster, a.k.a. Damien of Molokai, Roman Catholic Priest
  • Egbert of Lindisfarne, Roman Catholic Monk, and Adalbert of Egmont, Roman Catholic Missionary

16 (Bernadette of Lourdes, Roman Catholic Nun)

  • Henirich Theobald Schenck, German Lutheran Pastor and Hymn Writer
  • Isabella Gilmore, Anglican Deaconess
  • William Firmatus, Roman Catholic Hermit

17 (Daniel Sylvester Tuttle, Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church)

  • Mary Euphrasia Pelletier, Founder of the Contemplatives of the Good Shepherd
  • Robert of Chaise Dieu, Roman Catholic Abbot
  • Wilbur Kenneth Howard, Moderator of The United Church of Canada

18 (Donald S. Armentrout, U.S. Lutheran Minister and Scholar)

  • Calvin Weiss Laufer, U.S. Presbyterian Minister and Hymnodist
  • Roger Williams, Founder of Rhode Island
  • William Pennefather, Anglican Priest, Humanitarian, and Hymn Writer; and his wife, Catherine King Pennefather, Humanitarian and Hymn Writer

19 (Murin of Fahan, Laserian of Leighlin, Goban of Picardie, Foillan of Fosses, and Ultan of Peronne, Abbots; Fursey of Peronne and Blitharius of Seganne, Monks)

  • Mary of the Incarnation, Roman Catholic Nun
  • Olavus Petri, Swedish Lutheran Theologian, Historian, Liturgist, Minister, Hymn Writer, Hymn Translator, Dramatis, Bible Translator, and “Father of Swedish Literature;” and his brother, Laurentius Petri, Swedish Lutheran Archbishop of Uppsala, Bible Translator, and “Father of Swedish Hymnody”
  • Simeon Barsabae, Bishop, and His Companions, Martyrs

20 (Amator of Auxerre and German of Auxerre, Roman Catholic Bishops; Mamertinus of Auxerre, Roman Catholic Abbot; and Marcian of Auxerre, Roman Catholic Monk)

  • Johannes Bugenhagen, German Lutheran Pastor
  • Marcellinus of Embrun, Roman Catholic Missionary Bishop

21 (Archibald Hamilton Charteris, Scottish Presbyterian Minister, Scholar, and Hymn Writer)

  • Malrubius of Applecross, Roman Catholic Monk, Abbot, and Missionary)
  • Robert Seymour Bridges, Poet and Translator of Hymns

22 (Gene Britton, Episcopal Priest)

  • Cesar Chavez, Labor Union Leader
  • Fidelis of Sigmaringen, Capuchin Friar and Martyr

23 (Genocide Remembrance)

  • Inauguration of The United Methodist Church, 1968
  • Walter Russell Bowie, Episcopal Priest

24 (Martyrs of Armenia)

  • Mellitus, Bishop of London and Archbishop of Canterbury
  • Toyohiko Kagawa, Teacher and Evangelist


26 (Remaclus of Maastricht, Theodard of Maastricht, Lambert of Maastricht, Hubert of Maastricht and Liege, and Floribert of Liege, Roman Catholic Bishops; Landrada of Munsterbilsen, Roman Catholic Abbess; and Otger of Utrecht, Plechelm of Guelderland, and Wiro, Roman Catholic Missionaries)

  • Paschasius Radbertus, Roman Catholic Abbot
  • Robert Hunt, First Anglican Chaplain at Jamestown, Virginia

27 (George Washington Doane, Episcopal Bishop of New Jersey)

  • Antony and Theodosius of Kiev, Founders of Russian Orthodox Monasticism; Barlaam of Kiev, Russian Orthodox Abbot; and Stephen of Kiev, Russian Orthodox Abbot and Bishop
  • Christina Rossetti, Poet and Religious Writer

28 (John Ross MacDuff and George Matheson, Scottish Presbyterian Ministers and Authors)

  • First U.S. Methodist Book of Worship, 1945
  • Gualfardus, Roman Catholic Hermit
  • Peter Chanel, Protomartyr of Oceania

29 (Bosa of York, John of Beverley, Wilfrid the Younger, and Acca of Hexham, Roman Catholic Bishops)

  • Catherine of Siena, Roman Catholic Nun
  • Timothy Rees, Anglican Bishop of Llandaff

30 (Constituting of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, 1987)

  • Eutropius of Saintes, Roman Catholic Missionary, Bishop, and Martyr
  • James Montgomery, Hymn Writer

Lowercase boldface on a date with two or more commemorations indicates a primary feast.


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