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1 (Charles de Foucauld, Roman Catholic Hermit and Martyr)

  • Douglas LeTell Rights, U.S. Moravian Minister, Scholar, and Hymn Writer
  • Edward Timothy Mickey, Jr., U.S. Moravian Bishop and Liturgist
  • Peter Mortimer, Anglo-German Moravian Educator, Musician, and Scholar; and Gottfried Theodor Erxleben, German Moravian Minister and Musicologist

2 (Channing Moore Williams, Episcopal Missionary Bishop in China and Japan)

  • Alice Freeman Palmer, U.S. Educator and Hymn Writer
  • Brioc, Roman Catholic Abbot; and Tudwal, Roman Catholic Abbot and Bishop
  • Osmund of Salisbury, Roman Catholic Bishop

3 (Maruthas, Roman Catholic Bishop of Maypherkat and Missionary to Persia)

  • Amilie Juliane, Countess of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt, German Lutheran Hymn Writer
  • Bernard of Parma, Roman Catholic Bishop
  • John Owen Smith, United Methodist Bishop in Georgia

4 (John of Damascus and Cosmas of Maiuma, Theologians and Hymnodists)

  • John Calabria, Founder of the Congregation of the Poor Servants and the Poor Women Servants of Divine Providence
  • Joseph Mohr, Austrian Roman Catholic Priest and Hymn Writer
  • Thomas Cotterill, English Priest, Hymn Writer, and Liturgist

5 (Clement of Alexandria, Father of Christian Scholarship)

  • Cyran, Roman Catholic Abbot
  • Francis Xavier, Roman Catholic Missionary to the Far East
  • Nelson Mandela, President of South Africa and Renewer of Society

6 (Nicetius of Trier, Roman Catholic Monk, Abbot, and Bishop; and Aredius of Limoges, Roman Catholic Abbot)

  • Abraham of Kratia, Roman Catholic Monk, Abbot, Bishop, and Hermit
  • Henry Ustick Onderdonk, Episcopal Bishop, Liturgist, and Hymn Writer
  • Nicholas of Myra, Roman Catholic Bishop

7 (Philip and Daniel Berrigan, Roman Catholic Priests and Social Activists)

  • Anne Ross Cousin, Scottish Presbyterian Hymn Writer
  • Gerald Thomas Noel, Anglican Priest and Hymn Writer; brother of Baptist Wriothesley Noel, Anglican Priest, English Baptist Evangelist, and Hymn Writer; and his niece, Caroline Maria Noel, Anglican Hymn Writer
  • Maria Josepha Rossello, Cofounder of the Daughters of Our Lady of Pity

8 (William Gustave Polack, U.S. Lutheran Minister, Liturgist, and Hymn Writer and Translator)

  • Amagus of Luxeuil and Romaric of Luxeuil, Roman Catholic Monks and Abbots
  • Erik Christian Hoff, Norwegian Lutheran Composer and Organist
  • Martin Rinckart, Archdeacon of Eilenburg

9 (Karl Barth, Swiss Reformed Minister, Theologian, and Biblical Scholar; father of Markus Barth, Swiss Lutheran Minister and Biblical Scholar)

  • Georg Friedrich Hellstrom, Dutch-German Moravian Musician, Composer, and Educator
  • Peter Fourier, “The Good Priest of Mattaincourt;” and Alix Le Clerc, Foundress of the Congregation of Notre Dame of Canonesses Regular of Saint Augustine
  • Walter Ciszek, Roman Catholic Missionary Priest and Political Prisoner

10 (Paul Eber, German Lutheran Theologian and Hymn Writer)

  • Howell Elvet Lewis, Welsh Congregationalist Clergyman and Poet
  • John Roberts, Roman Catholic Priest and Martyr
  • Robert Murray, Canadian Presbyterian Minister and Hymn Writer

11 (Luke of Prague and John Augusta, Moravian Bishops and Hymn Writers)

  • Kazimierz Tomas Sykulski, Roman Catholic Priest and Martyr
  • Lars Olsen Skrefsrud, Hans Peter Boerresen, and Paul Olaf Bodding, Lutheran Missionaries in India
  • Severin Ott, Roman Catholic Monk

12 (Jane Frances de Chantal, Founder of the Congregation of the Visitation)

  • Alicia Domon and Her Companions, Martyrs in Argentina
  • Bartholomew Buonpedoni and Vivaldus, Ministers among Lepers
  • Ludwik Bartosik, Roman Catholic Priest and Martyr

13 (Samuel Johnson, “The Great Moralist”)

  • Christian Furchtegott Gellert, German Lutheran Minister, Educator, and Hymn Writer
  • Ella J. Baker, Witness for Civil Rights
  • Paul Speratus, German Lutheran Bishop, Liturgist, and Hymn Writer

14 (Venantius Honorius Clementius Fortunatus, Roman Catholic Bishop of Poitiers)

  • Dorothy Ann Thrupp, English Hymn Writer
  • John of the Cross, Roman Catholic Mystic
  • Robert McDonald, Anglican Priest and Martyr

15 (Thomas Benson Pollock, Anglican Priest and Hymn Writer)

  • Henry Fothergill Chorley, English Novelist, Playwright, and Literary and Music Critic
  • John Horden, Anglican Bishop of Moosenee
  • Ralph Wardlaw, Scottish Congregationalist Minister, Hymn Writer, and Liturgist

16 (Gustaf Aulen, Swedish Lutheran Theologian)

  • Filip Siphong Onphithakt, Roman Catholic Catechist and Martyr in Thailand
  • Maude Dominica Petre, Roman Catholic Modernist Theologian
  • Ralph Adams Cram and Richard Upjohn, Architects; and John LaFarge, Sr., Painter and Stained Glass Window Maker

17 (William Lloyd Garrison, Abolitionist and Feminist; and Maria Stewart, Abolitionist, Feminist, and Educator)

  • Eglantyne Jebb and Dorothy Buxton, Founders of Save the Children
  • Frank Mason North, U.S. Methodist Minister
  • Mary Cornelia Bishop Gates, U.S. Dutch Reformed Hymn Writer

18 (Marc Boegner, Ecumenist)

  • Giulia Valle, Roman Catholic Nun
  • Isaac Hecker, Founder of the Missionary Society of St. Paul the Apostle

19 (Raoul Wallenberg, Righteous Gentile)

  • Chico Mendes, “Gandhi of the Amazon”
  • Robert Campbell, Scottish Episcopalian the Roman Catholic Social Advocate and Hymn Writer

20 (Dominic of Silos, Roman Catholic Abbot)

  • Archibald Campbell Tait, Archbishop of Canterbury
  • Peter Canisius, Roman Catholic Priest
  • William John Blew, English Priest and Hymn Writer


22 (Frederick and William Temple, Archbishops of Canterbury)

  • Chaeremon and Ischyrion, Roman Catholic Martyrs
  • Henry Budd, First Anglican Native Priest in North America; Missionary to the Cree Nation
  • James Prince Lee, Bishop of Manchester

23 (John of Kanty, Roman Catholic Theologian)

  • Antonio Caldara, Roman Catholic Composer and Musician
  • Charbel, Roman Catholic Priest and Monk
  • Gerald R. Ford, U.S. Representative, Vice President, and President






29 (FIFTH DAY OF CHRISTMAS:  Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury)

  • Josiah Conder, English Abolitionist and Hymn Writer
  • Austin Farrer, Anglican Priest and Biblical Scholar
  • John Burnett Morris, Sr., Episcopal Priest and Witness for Civil Rights

30 (SIXTH DAY OF CHRISTMAS:  Allen Eastman Cross, U.S. Congregationalist Minister and Hymn Writer)

  • Anysia, Roman Catholic Martyr
  • Frances Joseph-Gaudet, Prison Reformer
  • Josephine Butler, Worker among Women

31 (SEVENTH DAY OF CHRISTMAS:  John Wycliffe, Bible Translator)

  • New Year’s Eve
  • Philipp Heinrich Molther, German Moravian Minister, Bishop, Composer, and Hymn Translator
  • Rossiter Worthington Raymond, U.S. Novelist, Poet, Hymn Writer, and Mining Engineer

Lowercase boldface on a date with two or more commemorations indicates a primary feast.


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