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1 (Samuel Stennett, English Seventh-Day Baptist Minister and Hymn Writer; and John Howard, English Humanitarian)

  • Justin Martyr, Apologist
  • Pamphilus of Caesarea, Bible Scholar and Translator;  and His Companions, Martyrs
  • Simeon of Syracuse, Roman Catholic Monk

2 (Margaret E. Sangster, Hymn Writer, Novelist, and Devotional Writer)

  • Martyrs of Lyons (a.k.a. Blandina and Her Companions)
  • Reinhold Niebuhr, United Church of Christ Theologian
  • Stephen of Sweden, Roman Catholic Bishop and Martyr

3 (Will Campbell, Agent of Reconciliation)

  • Liphardus of Orleans and Urbicius of Meung, Roman Catholic Abbots
  • Martyrs of Uganda
  • Morand of Cluny, Roman Catholic Monk and Missionary

4 (Christian Gottfired Geisler and Johann Christian Geisler, Silesian Moravian Organists and Composers; and Johannes Herbst, German-American Organist, Composer, and Bishop)

  • Frances Ridley Havergal, English Hymn Writer and Composer
  • Francis Caracciolo, Cofounder of the Minor Clerks Regular

5 (Anders Christian Arrebo, “The Father of Danish Poetry)

  • Ole T. (Sanden) Arneson, U.S. Norwegian Lutheran Hymn Translator

6 (Franklin Clark Fry, President of The United Lutheran Church in America and the Lutheran Church in America)

  • Claude of Besancon, Roman Catholic Priest, Monk, Abbot, and Bishop
  • Henry James Buckoll, Author and Translator of Hymns
  • William Kethe, Presbyterian Hymn Writer

7 (Frederick Lucian Hosmer, U.S. Unitarian Hymn Writer)

  • Anthony Mary Gianelli, Founder of the Missioners of Saint Alphonsus Liguori and the Sisters of Mary dell’Orto
  • Charles Augustus Briggs, Presbyterian Pastor and Episcopal Priest
  • Robert of Newminster, Roman Catholic Abbot and Priest

8 (Clara Luper, Witness for Civil Rights)

  • Henry Downton, Anglican Priest, Hymn Writer, and Hymn Translator
  • Joseph Dacre Carlyle, Anglican Priest and Hymn Writer
  • Richard Massie, Hymn Translator

9 (Columba of Iona, Roman Catholic Missionary and Abbot)

  • Gerhard Gieschen, U.S. Lutheran Minister and Hymn Writer
  • Johann Franck, Heinrich Held, and Simon Dach, German Lutheran Hymn Writers
  • Thomas Joseph Potter, Roman Catholic Priest, Poet, and Hymn Writer

10 (Inauguration of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), 1983)

  • Inauguration of The United Church of Canada, 1925
  • Landericus of Paris, Roman Catholic Bishop
  • Thor Martin Johnson, U.S. Moravian Conductor and Music Director


12 (Edwin Paxton Hood, English Congregationalist Minister, Philanthropist, and Hymn Writer)

  • Frederick of Utrecht, Roman Catholic Bishop and Martyr; and Odulf of Utrecht, Roman Catholic Missionary Priest
  • Enmegahbowh, Episcopal Priest
  • John Morison, Scottish Presbyterian Minister, Poet, and Hymn Writer

13 (Christian David Jaeschke, German Moravian Organist and Composer; and his grandson, Herni Marc Hermann Voldemar Voullaire, Moravian Composer and Minister)

  • Milton Smith Littlefield, Jr., U.S. Presbyterian and Congregationalist Minister, Hymn Writer, and Hymnal Editor
  • Sigismund von Birken, German Lutheran Hymn Writer
  • William Cullen Bryant, U.S. Journalist, Poet, and Hymn Writer

14 (Basil the Great, Father of Eastern Monasticism)

  • Dorothy Frances Blomfield Gurney, English Poet and Hymn Writer
  • Hans Adolf Brorson, Danish Lutheran Bishop, Hymn Writer, and Hymn Translator
  • Methodius I of Constantinople, Patriarch

15 (John Ellerton, Anglican Priest and Hymn Writer and Translator)

  • Carl Heinrich von Bogatsky, Hungarian-German Lutheran Hymn Writer
  • Landelinus of Vaux, Roman Catholic Abbot; Aubert of Cambrai, Roman Catholic Bishop; Ursmar of Lobbes, Roman Catholic Abbot and Missionary Bishop; and Domitian, Hadelin, and Dodo of Lobbes, Roman Catholic Monks

16 (George Berkeley, Irish Anglican Bishop and Philosopher; and Joseph Butler, Anglican Bishop and Theologian)

  • John Francis Regis, Roman Catholic Priest
  • Norman Macleod, Scottish Presbyterian Minister and Hymn Writer; and his cousin, John Macleod, Scottish Presbyterian Minister, Liturgist, and Hymn Writer
  • Rufus Jones, Quaker Theologian

17 (Edith Florence Boyle MacAlister, English Novelist and Hymn Writer)

  • Emily de Vialar, Founder of the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Apparition
  • Jane Cross Bell Simpson, Scottish Presbyterian Poet and Hymn Writer
  • Teresa and Mafalda of Portugal, Princesses, Queens, and Nuns; and Sanchia of Portugal, Princess and Nun

18 (Delphinus of Bordeaux, Amandus of Bordeaux, Severinus of Bordeaux, Venerius of Milan, and Chromatius of Aquileia, Roman Catholic Bishops)

  • Augustus Nelson, Swedish-American Lutheran Minister and Hymn Translator
  • Anson Dodge, Episcopal Priest
  • William Bingham Tappan, U.S. Congregationalist Minister, Poet, and Hymn Writer

19 (Charles Coffin, Roman Catholic Priest and Hymn Writer)

  • Charitie Lees Smith Bancroft de Chenez, Hymn Writer
  • William Pierson Merrill, U.S. Presbyterian Minister, Social Reformer, and Hymn Writer

20 (Bernard Adam Grube, German-American Moravian Minister, Missionary, Composer, and Missionary)

  • Bain of Fontanelle, Roman Catholic Bishop, Monk, Missionary, and Abbot
  • Johann Friedrich Hertzog, German Lutheran Hymn Writer

21 (Aloysius Gonzaga, Jesuit)

  • Carl Bernhard Garve, German Moravian Minister, Liturgist, and Hymn Writer
  • John Jones and John Rigby, Roman Catholic Martyrs

22 (Alban, First English Martyr)

  • Inauguration of the Uniting Church of Australia, 1977
  • John Fisher, Roman Catholic Bishop of Rochester
  • Paulinus of Nola, Roman Catholic Bishop

23 (John Johns, English Presbyterian Minister and Hymn Writer)

  • Christoph Homburg, German Lutheran Hymn Writer
  • Heinrich Gottlob Gutter, German-American Moravian Instrument Maker, Repairman, and Merchant
  • Nicetas of Remesiana, Roman Catholic Bishop


25 (Inauguration of the United Church of Christ, 1957)

  • Joseph Augustus Seiss, U.S. Lutheran Minister, Liturgist, Hymn Writer, and Hymn Translator
  • Wilhelm Wauer, German Moravian Composer and Musician
  • William of Vercelli, Roman Catholic Hermit; and John of Matera, Roman Catholic Abbot

26 (James Arthur MacKinnon, Canadian Roman Catholic Priest and Martyr in the Dominican Republic)

  • Alfred Ramsey, U.S. Lutheran Minister and Hymn Translator
  • Philip Doddridge, English Congregationalist Minister and Hymn Writer
  • William Hiram Foulkes, U.S. Presbyterian Minister and Hymn Writer

27 (Cornelius Hill, Oneida Chief and Episcopal Priest)

  • James Moffatt, Scottish Presbyterian Minister, Scholar, and Bible Translator
  • John the Georgian, Abbot; and Euthymius of Athos and George of the Black Mountain, Abbots and Translators

28 (Hugh Thomson Kerr, Sr., U.S. Presbyterian Minister and Liturgist; and Hugh Thomson Kerr, Jr., U.S. Presbyterian Minister, Scholar, and Theologian)

  • Plutarch, Marcella, Potanominaena, and Basilides of Alexandria, Martyrs
  • Randolph Royall Claiborne, Jr., Episcopal Bishop of Atlanta


30 (Johann Olaf Wallin, Archbishop of Uppsala and Hymn Writer)

  • Arthur James Moore, United Methodist Bishop in Georgia
  • Heinrich Lonas, German Moravian Organist, Composer, and Liturgist


  • First Book of Common Prayer

Lowercase boldface on a date with two or more commemorations indicates a primary feast.


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