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Rosa Chinensis

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2 (Sigismund of Burgundy, King; Clotilda, Frankish Queen; and Clodoald, Frankish Prince and Abbot)

  • Athanasius of Alexandria, Roman Catholic Theologian
  • James Lewis Milligan, Hymn Writer
  • Marculf of Nanteuil, Roman Catholic Abbot

3 (Marie-Leonie Paradis, Founder of the Little Sisters of the Holy Family)

  • William Whiting, Hymn Writer

4 (Florian of Lorch, Martyr)

  • Godehard of Hildesheim, Roman Catholic Bishop

5 (Charles Silvester Horne, English Congregationalist Minister and Hymn Writer)

  • Honoratus of Arles and Hilary of Arles, Roman Catholic Bishops, and Venantius of Modon and Caprasius of Lerins, Roman Catholic Hermits
  • John Houghton, Robert Lawrence, Augustine Webster, Humphrey Middlemore, William Exmew, and Sebastian Newdigate, Roman Catholic Martyrs

6 (Middleton Stuart Barnwell, Episcopal Bishop of Georgia)

  • Edbert and Eadfrith of Lindisfarne, Roman Catholic Bishops
  • Edward Jones and Anthony Middleton, Roman Catholic Martyrs

7 (Domitian of Huy, Roman Catholic Bishop)

  • Harriet Starr Cannon, Cofounder of the Community of St. Mary
  • Rose Venerini, Founder of the Venerini Sisters
  • Theodard of Narbonne, Roman Catholic Archbishop; Justus and Pastor, Martyrs

8 (Benedict II, Bishop of Rome)

  • Dame Julian of Norwich, Spiritual Writer
  • Magdalena of Canossa, Founder of the Daughters of Charity and the Sons of Charity
  • Peter of Tarentaise, Roman Catholic Archbishop

9 (Thomas Toke Lynch, English Congregationalist Minister and Hymn Writer)

  • Anna Laetitia Waring, Humanitarian and Hymn Writer; and her uncle, Samuel Miller Waring, Hymn Writer
  • Willibald of Eichstatt and Lullus of Mainz, Roman Catholic Bishops; Walburga of Heidenhelm, Roman Catholic Abbess; Petronax of Monte Cassino, Winnebald of Heidenhelm, Wigbert of Fritzlar, and Sturmius of Fulda, Roman Catholic Abbots; and Sebaldus of Vincenza, Roman Catholic Hermit and Missionary

10 (Thedore Parker, Abolitionist and Maverick Unitarian Pastor)

  • Anthony Pierozzi, a.k.a. Antoninus of Florence, Roman Catholic Archbishop of Florence
  • John Goss, Anglican Church Composer and Organist; and William Mercer, Anglican Priest and Hymn Translator

11 (Henry Knox Sherrill, Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church)

  • Mamertius of Vienne, Father of Rogation Days
  • Matteo Ricci, Roman Catholic Missionary

12 (Duncan Montgomery Gray, Sr., Episcopal Bishop of Mississippi)

  • Christian Friedrich Hasse, German-British Moravian Composer and Educator
  • Gregory of Ostia, Roman Catholic Abbot, Cardinal, and Legate; and Dominic of the Causeway, Roman Catholic Hermit

13 (Sylvester II, Bishop of Rome)

  • Frances Perkins, United States Secretary of Labor
  • Isaac Williams, Welsh Anglican Priest, Scholar, and Hymn Writer

14 (Francis Makemie, Father of U. S. Presbyterianism)

  • Edward Henry Bickersteth, Anglican Bishop of Exeter
  • John Roberts/Ieuan Gwyllt, Founder of Welsh Singing Festivals

15 (First U.S. Presbyterian Book of Common Worship, 1906)

  • John Armstrong, Anglican Bishop of Grahamstown, South Africa
  • Joseph Armitage Robinson, Anglican Dean, Scholar, and Hymn Writer

16 (Andrew Fournet and Elizabeth Bichier, Cofounders of the Daughters of the Cross; and Michael Garicoits, Founder of the Priests of the Sacred Heart of Betharram)

  • Caroline Chisholm, English Humanitarian and Social Reformer
  • John Nepomucene, Roman Catholic Priest
  • Martyrs of Sudan

17 (Thomas Bradbury Chandler, Anglican Priest; his son-in-law, John Henry Hobart, Episcopal Bishop of New York; and his grandson, William Hobart Hare, Apostle to the Sioux and Episcopal Bishop of Niobrara then South Dakota)

  • Charles Hamilton Houston and Thurgood Marshall, Attorneys and Civil Rights Activists
  • Paschal Baylon, Franciscan

18 (Maltbie Davenport Babcock, U.S. Presbyterian Minister and Hymn Writer)

  • John I, Bishop of Rome

19 (Andrew Bobola, Jesuit Martyr)

  • Dunstan of Canterbury, Abbot of Glastonbury and Archbishop of Canterbury
  • Ivo of Chartres, Roman Catholic Bishop
  • Ivo of Kermartin, Roman Catholic Priest and Advocate of the Poor

20 (Alcuin of York, Abbot of Tours)

  • John James Moment, U.S. Presbyterian Minister and Hymn Writer
  • Lucy Elizabeth Georgina Whitmore, British Hymn Writer

21 (Joseph Addison and Alexander Pope, English Poets)

  • John Eliot, Puritan Missionary Among the Algonquin
  • Tobias Clausnitzer, German Lutheran Minister and Hymn Writer

22 (Richard Biggs, Actor)

  • Georg Gottfried Muller, German-American Moravian Minister and Composer
  • Julia Bulkley Cady Cory, U.S. Presbyterian Hymn Writer

23 (Guibert of Gorze, Roman Catholic Monk)

  • Desiderius/Didier of Vienne, Roman Catholic Bishop
  • John Baptist Rossi, Roman Catholic Priest

24 (Ida Scudder, Reformed Church in America Medical Missionary in India)

  • Jackson Kemper, Episcopal Bishop of Wisconsin
  • Mother Edith, Founder of the Community of the Sacred Name

25 (Nicolaus Selnecker, German Lutheran Minister, Theologian, and Hymn Writer)

  • Aldhelm of Sherborne, Poet, Literary Scholar, Abbot of Malmesbury, and Bishop of Sherborne
  • Madeleine Sophie Barat, Mother Superior of the Society of the Sacred Heart
  • Venerable Bede of Jarrow, Historian and Roman Catholic Monk

26 (Jeremias Dencke, Silesian-American Moravian Composer and Organist; and Simon Peter and Johann Friedrich Peter, German-American Composers, Educators, Musicians, and Ministers)

  • Augustine of Canterbury, Archbishop

27 (Paul Gerhardt, German Lutheran Minister and Hymn Writer)

  • Alfred Rooker, English Congregationalist Philanthropist and Hymn Writer; and his sister, Elizabeth Rooker Parson, English Congregationalist Hymn Writer
  • Charles William Schaeffer, U.S. Lutheran Minister, Historian, Theologian, and Liturgist
  • Clarence Dickinson, U.S. Presbyterian Organist and Composer

28 (John H. W. Stuckenberg, Lutheran Pastor and Scholar)

  • Edwin Pond Parker, U.S. Congregationalist Minister and Hymn Writer
  • Margaret Pole, Roman Catholic Martyr

29 (Percy Dearmer, Anglican Canon and Hymn Translator and Writer)

  • First U.S. Presbyterian Book of Confessions, 1967
  • Jiri Tranovsky, Luther of the Slaves and Father of Slovak Hymnody
  • Luke Kirby, Thomas Cottam, William Filby, and Laurence Richardson, Roman Catholic Priests and Martyrs

30 (Apolo Kivebulaya, Apostle to the Pygmies)

  • Joachin Neander, German Reformed Minister and Hymn Writer
  • Josephine Butler, Worker among Women



  • Ascension
  • First Book of Common Prayer, 1549

Lowercase boldface on a date with two or more commemorations indicates a primary feast.


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