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3 (John Worthington, British Moravian Minister and Composer; John Antes, U.S. Moravian Instrument Maker, Composer, and Missionary; Benjamin Henry LaTrobe, Sr., British Moravian Bishop and Hymn Writer; Christian Ignatius LaTrobe, British Moravian Composer; Peter LaTrobe, British Moravian Bishop and Composer; Johann Christopher Pyrlaeus, Moravian Missionary and Musician; and Augustus Gottlieb Spangenberg, Moravian Bishop and Hymn Writer)

  • Daniel Payne, African Methodist Episcopal Bishop
  • Inauguration of the Church of Pakistan, 1970
  • Richard Hooker, Anglican Theologian

4 (Ludolph Ernst Schlicht, Moravian Minister, Musician, and Hymn Writer; John Gambold, Sr., British Moravian Bishop, Hymn Writer, and Translator of Hymns; and John Gambold, Jr., Moravian Composer)

  • Augustus Montague Toplady, Anglican Priest and Hymn Writer

5 (John Cawood, Anglican Priest and Hymn Writer)

6 (Christian Gregor, Father of Moravian Music)

  • Giovanni Gabriel and Hans Leo Hassler, Composers and Organists; and Claudio Monteverdi and Heinrich Schutz, Composers and Musicians
  • Theophane Venard, Roman Catholic Priest, Missionary, and Martyr in Vietnam

7 (Willibrord, Apostle to the Frisians; and Boniface of Mainz, Apostle to the Germans)

  • Eleanor Roosevelt, First Lady of the United States
  • John Christian Frederick Heyer, Lutheran Missionary in the United States and India; Bartholomaeus Ziegenbalg, Jr., Lutheran Missionary to the Tamils; and Ludwig Nommensen, Lutheran Missionary to Sumatra and Apostle to the Batak
  • Vincent Liem, Roman Catholic Martyr

8 (John Caspar Mattes, U.S. Lutheran Minister and Liturgist)

  • Johann von Staupitz, Martin Luther’s Spiritual Mentor

9 (William Croswell, Episcopal Priest and Hymn Writer)

  • Martin Chemnitz, German Lutheran Theologian

10 (Edwin Hatch, Anglican Priest, Scholar, and Hymn Writer)

  • Leo I “the Great,” Bishop of Rome

11 (Anne Steele, First Important English Female Hymn Writer)

12 (Josaphat, Roman Catholic Archbishop of Polotsk, and Martyr)

  • Frances Xavier Cabrini, Founder of the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart
  • Ray Palmer, U.S. Congregationalist Minister and Hymn Writer
  • William Arthur Dunkerley, British Novelist, Poet, and Hymn Writer

13 (Henry Martyn Dexter, U.S. Congregationalist Minister and Historian)

  • Abbo of Fleury, Roman Catholic Abbot
  • Brice of Tours, Roman Catholic Bishop
  • Nicholas Tavelic and His Companions, Roman Catholic Martyrs

14 (John Amos Comenius, Father of Modern Education)

  • Consecration of Samuel Seabury, First Episcopal Bishop
  • William Romanis, Anglican Priest and Hymn Writer

15 (Johann Gottlob Klemm, Instrument Maker; David Tannenberg, Sr., German-American Moravian Organ Builder; Johann Philip Bachmann, German Moravian Instrument Maker; Joseph Ferdinand Bulitschek, Bohemian-American Organ Builder; and Tobias Friedrich, German Moravian Composer and Musician)

16 (Peter Wolle, U.S. Moravian Bishop, Organist, and Composer; Theodore Francis Wolle, U.S. Moravian Organist and Composer; and John Frederick “J. Fred” Wolle, U.S. Moravian Organist, Composer, and Choir Director)

  • Giuseppe Moscati, Physician
  • Margaret of Scotland, Queen

17 (Johann Christian Till, U.S. Moravian Organist, Composer, and Piano Builder; and his son, Jacob Christian Till, U.S. Moravian Piano Builder)

18 (Samuel John Stone, Anglican Priest and Hymn Writer)

  • Arthur Tozer Russell, Anglican Priest and Hymn Writer
  • Hilda of Whitby, Roman Catholic Abbess
  • Jane Eliza(beth) Leeson, English Hymn Writer

19 (Elizabeth of Hungary, Princess of Hungary and Humanitarian)

  • Alice Nevin, U.S. German Reformed Liturgist and Composer of Hymn Tunes
  • F. Bland Tucker, Episcopal Priest
  • Johann Hermann Schein, German Lutheran Composer

20 (Richard Watson Gilder, U.S. Poet and Social Reformer)

  • Henry Francis Lyte, Anglican Priest and Hymn Writer
  • Priscilla Lydia Sellon, a Restorer of Religious Life in The Church of England
  • Theodore Claudius Pease, U.S. Congregationalist Minister and Hymn Writer

21 (Thomas Tallis and His Student and Colleague, William Byrd, English Composers and Organists; and John Merbecke, English Composer, Organist, and Theologian)

  • Ditlef Georgson Ristad, Norwegian-American Lutheran Minister, Hymn Translator, Liturgist, and Educator

22 (Robert Seagrave, Anglican Priest and Hymn Writer)

23 (John Kenneth Pfohl, Sr., U.S. Moravian Bishop; his wife, Harriet Elizabeth “Bessie” Whittington Pfohl, U.S. Moravian Musician; and their son, James Christian Pfohl, Sr., U.S. Moravian Bishop)

  • Caspar Friedrich Nachtenhofer, German Lutheran Minister, Liturgist, and Hymn Writer
  • Clement of Rome, Bishop
  • Columban, Roman Catholic Abbot

24 (William Cooke and Benjamin Webb, Anglican Priests and Translators of Hymns)

  • Andrew Dung-Lac and Peter Thi, Roman Catholic Priests and Martyrs in Vietnam

25 (William Hiley Bathurst, Anglican Priest and Hymn Writer)

  • James Otis Sargent Huntington, Founder of the Order of the Holy Cross
  • Petrus Nigidius, German Lutheran Educator and Composer; and Georg Nigidius, German Lutheran Composer and Hymn Writer

26 (John Berchmans, Roman Catholic Seminarian)

  • Isaac Watts, Hymn Writer

27 (James Intercisus, Martyr)

  • Johann Daniel Grimm, German Moravian Composer

28 (Stephen the Younger, Defender of Icons)

  • Frederick Cook Atkinson, Anglican Church Organist and Composer
  • Joseph Pignatelli, Restorer of the Jesuits
  • Kamehameha IV, King of Hawaii; and Emma Rooke, Queen of Hawaii

29 (George Dawson, English Baptist and Unitarian Pastor)

  • Inauguration of the Church of North India, 1970
  • Jennette Threlfall, English Hymn Writer



  • Thanksgiving Day


Lowercase boldface on a date with two or more commemorations indicates a primary feast.


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