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1 (Anthony Ashley Cooper, Lord Shaftesbury, British Humanitarian and Social Reformer)

  • Carl Doving, Norwegian-American Lutheran Minister and Hymn Writer
  • Romanos the Melodist, Priest and Hymn Writer
  • Theresa of Lisieux, Roman Catholic Nun

2 (James Allen, English Inghamite then Glasite/Sandemanian Hymn Writer; and his great-nephew, Oswald Allen, English Glasite/Sandemanian Hymn Writer)

  • Alberto Ramento, Prime Bishop of the Philippine Independent Church
  • Gerard of Brogne, Roman Catholic Abbot
  • Marie-Joseph Aubert, Roman Catholic Nun

3 (Eve of the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi:  Proper for the Goodness of Creation)

  • George Kennedy Allen Bell, Anglican Bishop of Chichester
  • John Raleigh Mott, Ecumenical Pioneer

4 (Francis of Assisi, Founder of the Franciscans)

  • All Christian Environmentalists
  • John Ernest Bode, Anglican Priest, Poet, and Hymn Writer
  • Petrus Herbert, German Moravian Bishop and Hymnodist

5 (David Nitschmann, Sr., “Father Nitschmann,” Moravian Missionary; Melchior Nitschmann, Moravian Missionary and Martyr; Johann Nitschmann, Jr., Moravian Missionary and Bishop; Anna Nitschmann, Moravian Eldress; and David Nitschmann, Missionary and First Bishop of the Renewed Moravian Church)

  • Bradford Torrey, U.S. Ornithologist and Hymn Writer
  • Harry Emerson Fosdick, Northern Baptist Pastor
  • Inauguration of the United Reformed Church, 1972

6 (George Edward Lynch Cotton, Anglican Bishop of Calcutta)

  • All Christian Bible Translators
  • Heinrich Albert, German Lutheran Composer and Poet
  • William Tyndale, Bible Translator

7 (Richard Whately, Anglican Archbishop of Dublin, Ireland)

  • Johann Gottfried Weber, German Moravian Musician, Composer, and Minister
  • John Woolman, Abolitionist

8 (Wilfred Thomason Grenfell, Medical Missionary to Newfoundland and Labrador)

  • Abraham Ritter, U.S. Moravian Merchant, Historian, Musician, and Composer
  • Erik Routley, Hymn Writer
  • William Dwight Porter Bliss, Episcopal Priest, and Richard Theodore Ely, Economist

9 (Denis, Bishop of Paris, and His Companions, Roman Catholic Martyrs)

  • Luis Bertran, Roman Catholic Missionary Priest
  • Robert Grosseteste, Scholar
  • Wilhelm Wexels, Norwegian Lutheran Minister, Hymn Writer, and Hymn Translator; his niece, Marie Wexelsen, Norwegian Lutheran Novelist and Hymn Writer; Ludwig Lindeman, Norwegian Lutheran Organist and Musicologist; and Magnus Lansdstad, Norwegian Lutheran Minister, Folklorist, Hymn Writer, and Hymnal Editor

10 (Johann Nitschmann, Sr., Moravian Missionary and Bishop; David Nitschmann, Jr., the Syndic, Moravian Missionary and Bishop; and David Nitschmann, the Martyr, Moravian Missionary and Martyr)

  • Cecil Frances Alexander, Poet and Hymn Writer
  • Christian Ludwig Brau, Norwegian Moravian Teacher and Poet
  • John Leonardi, Founder of the Clerks Regular of the Mother of God of Lucca; and Joseph Calasanctius, Founder of the Clerks Regular of Religious Schools


12 (Martin Dober, Moravia Bishop and Hymn Writer; Johann Leonhard Dober, Moravian Missionary and Bishop; and Anna Schindler Dober, Moravian Missionary and Hymn Writer)

  • Edith Cavell, Nurse and Martyr
  • Kenneth of Scotland, Roman Catholic Missionary
  • Nectarius of Constantinople, Archbishop

13 (Edward White Benson, Archbishop of Canterbury)

  • All Christian Statesmen and Stateswomen
  • Christian David, Moravian Missionary
  • Louis Fitzgerald Benson, U.S. Presbyterian Minister and Hymnodist

14 (Callixtus I, Anterus, and Pontian, Bishops of Rome; and Hippolytus, Antipope)

  • All Christian Missionaries
  • Samuel Isaac Joseph Schereschewsky, Episcopal Bishop of Shanghai

15 (All Christian Educators and Intellectuals)

  • Teresa of Avila, Roman Catholic Nun

16 (All Christian Medical Professionals)

  • Albert E. R. Brauer, Australian Lutheran Minister and Hymn Translator
  • Birgitte Katerine Boye, Danish Lutheran Poet, Playwright, Hymn Translator, and Hymn Writer
  • Francis Pott, Anglican Priest and Hymn Writer and Translator

17 (All Christian Artists)

  • John Bowring, English Unitarian Hymn Writer, Social Reformer, and Philanthropist
  • Julia Ward Howe, Abolitionist


19 (Philip Schaff and John Williamson Nevin, U.S. German Reformed Historians, Theologians, and Liturgists)

  • Claudia Frances Ibotson Hernaman, Anglican Hymn Writer and Translator
  • Henry Martyn, Anglican Missionary
  • Paul of the Cross, Founder of the Passionist Congregation

20 (Mary A. Lathbury, U.S. Methodist Hymn Writer)

  • Bertilla Boscardin, Roman Catholic Nun and Nurse
  • Friedrich Funcke, German Lutheran Minister, Composer, and Hymn Writer

21 (George McGovern, U.S. Senator and Statesman; and his wife, Eleanor McGovern, Humanitarian)

  • David Moritz Michael, German-American Moravian Musician and Composer
  • Katharina von Schlegal, German Lutheran Hymn Writer
  • Walter John Mathams, British Baptist then Presbyterian Minister, Author, and Hymn Writer

22 (Frederick Pratt Green, British Methodist Minister, Poet, and Hymn Writer)

  • Bartholomew Zouberbuhler, Anglican Priest
  • Cyriacus Schneegass, German Lutheran Minister, Musician, and Hymn Writer
  • Emily Huntington Miller, U.S. Methodist Author and Hymn Writer


24 (Henry Clay Shuttleworth, Anglican Priest and Hymn Writer)

  • Daniel C. Roberts, Episcopal Priest and Hymn Writer

25 (Herbert Stanley Oakeley, Composer)

  • Proclus of Constantinople, Archbishop; and Rusticus of Narbonne, Bishop

26 (Alfred the Great, King of the West Saxons)

  • Bartholomaus Helder, German Lutheran Minister, Composer, and Hymn Writer

27 (Harry Webb Farrington, U.S. Methodist Minister and Hymn Writer)

  • Aedesius, Priest and Missionary; and Frumentius, First Bishop of Axum and Abuna of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church
  • Arthur Campbell Ainger, English Educator, Scholar, and Hymn Writer
  • Joseph Grigg, English Presbyterian Minister and Hymn Writer


29 (James Hannington, Anglican Bishop of Eastern Equatorial Africa, and His Companions, Martyrs)

  • John Buckman Walthour, Episcopal Bishop of Atlanta
  • Paul Manz, Dean of Lutheran Church Music

30 (All Christian Musicians)

  • Hugh O’Flaherty, the “Scarlet Pimpernel of the Vatican”
  • Marcellus the Centurion, Martyr
  • Paul Shinji Sasaki, Anglican Bishop of Tokyo, and Philip Lendel Tsen, Anglican Bishop of Honan

31 (Wolfgang of Regensburg, Roman Catholic Missionary Bishop)

  • All Hallows’ Eve
  • Reformation Day
  • Vigil for the Eve of All Saints’ Day

Lowercase boldface on a date with two or more commemorations indicates a primary feast.


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