Tallassee Shoals IX: Stone Structure   3 comments

All Photographs Dated November 9, 2017

Photographer = Kenneth Randolph Taylor


This post is part of a series that began with this entry.

I, as a historian, like old objects.  I wonder how old the ruins of the object photographed above and below are.  I also wonder what function it served.  I know that the former Tallassee Shoals Hydroelectric Facility in Athens, Georgia, operational from 1902 to 1960, went through an additional phase of construction in 1926 and 1927.  I therefore hypothesize that the structure photographed above and below is about a century old, give or take a few years.  Its purpose remains unclear to me, however.  Am I looking at the ruin of a headrace gate?  That is one possibility, given the diagram (from this entry) I have been studying.

The location of this object is just inside the woods, adjacent to the wide clearing that runs from the side of Friendship Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) to Ben Burton Park.  One can find and study a satellite view of the area easily at Google Earth.  When I walk to the Middle Oconee River, I prefer to take one of several back routes, not to use sidewalks and walk beside Mitchell Bridge Road.  No, I like to take Chalfont Lane, go through a cul-de-sac, and either take a left turn onto a trail that leads to Ben Burton Park or to walk straight into the clearing and toward the river and, more precisely, the site where the dam was.  As I enter the woods that way, I pass to the right of this structure in the woods.

Smaller stone structures mark corners.  The taller structure rises in the center.

The past entices me.

What did this structure look like in its prime?





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