Tallassee Shoals XI: Low Stone Wall   1 comment

Photographer = Kenneth Randolph Taylor, November 9, 2017


This post is part of a series that began with this entry.

From Ben Burton Park, Athens-Clarke County, Georgia, stone walls inside the woods are visible.  Consider the photographs in this post, O reader.  The geographical point of reference for the camera is on the beaten path in the park.

To the north of this wall is another stone wall, one that is uneven and that follows the landscape.

Such remnants of the Tallassee Shoals Hydroelectric Facility, operational from 1902 to 1960, prompt me to wonder what this site looked like prior to 1960.  Some old photographs (all of which I have included in previous posts in this series) provide some clues, but they do not depict these walls.  That set of old photographs leaves many sights to my imagination.

We know that nature takes over quickly when people cease to maintain structures.  The photographs in this post show the results of 47 years of nature taking over.





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