False Allegation of Treason   Leave a comment

Can we call that treason?  Why not?  I mean they certainly didn’t seem to love our country that much.

–Donald Trump, Febrary 5, 2018



I define a bastard according to his character, not the marital status of his parents at the time of his conception, for no person is illegitimate.

Recently, at the State of the Union Address, many Democrats refused to clap.  This was neither unusual nor was it partisan behavior restricted to members of the Democratic Party.  Many Republican members of Congress have done the same when a Democratic President has addressed Congress.  Earlier today Trump, speaking to supporters, likened that Democratic refusal to applaud him both treasonous and un-American.

Shall we unpack that?  Treason is a high bar.  Those who have committed it include Benedict Arnold, Aaron Burr (not convicted, though), Henri-Philippe Pétain, Vidkun Quisling (whose surname has become a synonym for a traitor), David Greenglass, Julius Rosenberg, and Aldrich Ames.  They sold out their countries.  As far as I can tell, Arnold believed primarily in himself.  Burr plotted to found a new country on U.S. soil.  Pétain and Quisling collaborated with the Third Reich.  Greenglass, Rosenberg, and Ames passed secrets to Moscow.  Nobody has actually been guilty of treason for refusing to applaud a head of state, especially in a democratic republic, although certain dictators have punished dissidents harshly.  Has Trump wished he could be a despot?

Then again, Trump, consistent with the bad character of the bastard he is, has expressed his disdain for dissent repeatedly.  He has given voice to disregard for the freedoms of speech and press.  As I have written, no administration is the nation-state.  Dissent might merely be dissent, or it might rise to the level of the highest form of patriotism, but it is never treason.

And how do we treat traitors?  We incarcerate them for life or execute them, do we not?

What is un-American?  Accusing American citizens who are peaceably dissenting of committing treason and being un-American is un-American.  Trampling liberties while wrapping oneself in the American flag is un-American.  Donald Trump is un-American.  He is also deplorable.

Here I stand; I can do no other.  My conscience is captive to the highest ideals of the United States of America.  Therefore I refuse to remain silent.  If I were to do so, I would violate my conscience.  Out of my conscience and my loyalty to the nation-state I oppose the administration and the bastard who leads it.  That is patriotism, not treason. It is also quintessentially American.




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