My Ninth Anniversary of Blogging   4 comments

Above:  The View from My Computer’s Camera, at Its Regular Station, My Desk, July 20, 2018

Photographer = Kenneth Randolph Taylor



On July 27, 2009, when I created this weblog, I had almost no idea what I was doing.  I have, however, learned and improved with practice and the passage of time.  One weblog has spun off seven more, each weblog being a separate, dedicated channel.  I have deleted most of the oldest posts here at SUNDRY THOUGHTS and made plans to replace some others.  I have decided, however, to leave a few intact–perhaps edited also–but intact.

Social media, although useful in many ways, seems especially prone to devolving into a cesspool of ignorance, snap judgments, lies, and Too Much Information (TMI) that will haunt many people in the future.  The Internet does not forget, especially when forgetting and plausible deniability are functions of grace.  Who among us does not have skeletons in his or her closet?  There should be a statute of limitations on the great majority of them.  Besides, whenever we judge others, we also judge ourselves.  One needs to know how to use social media wisely, and how to use it in moderation.  A weblog functions in much the same way and carries the same caveat.  I have many thoughts; I express some of them.  I express few of those online.

Speaking of cesspools, much of the content on the Internet is wretched.  For evidence, look no further than comments sections at many websites.  Human depravity is, for me, not an article of faith.  No, I need no faith to affirm that for which I have a plethora of objective evidence.  One of my goals here and at my other weblogs is to express myself in ways that build up that which is good and noble, and to do so in language that, at worst, carries a rating of PG-13, but usually PG or G.  I seek to avoid contributing to cultural, social, spiritual, and political toxicity, although I am not afraid to express myself in direct terms.  It is just that I refuse to read like a George Carlin routine.

In conclusion, O reader, I express my wish for you during the coming 370 days:  May God’s best for you be your daily reality.  May you recognize that God’s best for you is your daily reality.  According to the standard of God’s best for you, may you be better off on July 27, 2019, than you are today.

Pax vobiscum!





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4 responses to “My Ninth Anniversary of Blogging

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  1. Congratulations on nine years!! Wow!

  2. I just want you to know I nominated you for the “Bloggers Support Bloggers” Award. I appreciate your insightful comments and all you do!

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