Truth is Truth   4 comments

Or, How Can It Be Otherwise?

Chuck Todd:  “Truth is truth.”

Rudolph Giuliani:  “No it isn’t.  Truth isn’t truth.”

Meet the Press, August 19, 2018

Allowing for Giuliani’s subsequent “clarification,” in which he stated that he was referring to “he said, she said” disagreements, his original statement is still malarkey.  So is his alleged clarification, which refers to mutually-exclusive truths.

Call me old-fashioned, if you please, O reader, but I affirm that truth is always truth.  Furthermore, it does not depend on subjective perception.  To the extent one’s perception differs from objective reality, one’s perception is in error.  Therefore, I do not have my truth, you do not have your truth, and another person does not have his or her truth; the truth is simply the truth, and there is just one truth.  There is no Mandela Effect; each of us has faulty memories.  Human memory is not like an infallible recording of one’s experiences; no, it is malleable.  Fake news is that which is objectively false, not news one does not like.  Donald Trump is a veritable fountain of inaccurate information daily, but he labels much confirmed journalistic work “fake news.”  The Trump-Giuliani definition of truth reminds me of Mormon epistomology:  objective reality be damned, I know what I believe.

The Biblical standard of truth is reliability.  A liar deceives on purpose.  One who spreads unreliable information yet does not know it is unreliable is still working against the dissemination of the truth, but is not a liar.

Each of us should strive for reliability in information.  Each of us will fall short of that to some degree, but should do as best as he or she can.  I, as a historian, have received training in evaluating sources.  Sometimes the best we can say is that a statement is or is not plausible.  None of we mere mortals should ever disregard or dismiss objective reality.  No, we should strive to perceive more of it than we do already.  We should also hold all public officials to that high standard.



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  1. Excellent post. The Mormon epistomology phrase, so apt.

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