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Unlike many people, both famous and obscure, I feel no compulsion to express most of my thoughts.  Perhaps the advice my grandfather, John Dodson Taylor, Jr. (1905-1976), gave to my father, and my father passed down to me has influenced me properly.  My grandfather said,

It is better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

One may also substitute tweet, blog, and other verbs in lieu of “open your mouth” and be true to the statement.

General George Patton said that a man should be able to swear consistently for three minutes without repeating a word.  Patton satisfied his standard, I am sure.

That standard, however, is not for me.

Donald Trump is a megalomaniac, a menace to free society, a threat to the free press, and a peril to the Constitution of the United States, the free world, the global environment, the future of the human race, and much else.  He is also an uncouth lout.  I condemn him and all his menacing ways.  I also condemn Trump’s uncouthness.  He is probably the oldest profane toddler.

My standards require me to be consistent in these matters.

Pelagius said that one’s enemy triumphs when he makes one like himself.  Based on news, which I barely sample these days, so to avoid turning into Patton verbally on the matter of Donald Trump, the Mussolini wannabe with bad hair who has made some of his political opponents like himself, at least verbally.

This is wrong.  Public service requires one to live up to the highest possible standard.



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  1. We should always watch what we say. My husband’s father used the same quote as your grandfather. I have said too much many times and I am learning to say less!

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