The Man Who Sold the World/The Man Who Sold the World (Redux)   10 comments

Above:  Dr. Novak, also known as Mr. Kavon

A Screen Capture




Michael Paré as Dante Montana

Claudette Roche as Lucretia “Luc” Scott

Tanya Allen as Percy Montana

Murray Melvin as Caravaggio (the ship’s AI)

Stephen Marcus as Rudolpho DeLuna


Michael Halsey as Dr. Novak/Mr. Kavon

Noémie Kocher as Belle

Simon Fenton as Billy Ray

Timothy McNabb as Chorsky

Barry Hatt as Rusty

Kenn Hong as Buyer

George Harris as Darius Scott


Director = Luc Chalifour

Writer = Julian Fikus

Composer = Donald Quan

Length of the original episode = 0:47:23

Length of the Redux episode = 0:44:06


This one’s a corker. I found you a piece of work called Novak.

Crimes against humanity. They don’t get bigger than that.

Civil war on Callisto. They’re still killing each other over differences. I guess we’re still the same old species even out amongst the stars. Hatred still the tie that binds.

But today that human bond, love, has reared its lovely bottom, and I am off to “The Love Derby.” Of course, I might actually only taking about lust. Nope. No. No. No. No. I am actually talking about the messy stuff. Well, actually really what I’m talking about is deceit.

Whoever really knows what lurks in the human heart? Well, I know, now that you ask. Along with all that sunshine and puppies and kittens and pretty coloured balloons, crap. There’s also the dark nasty bits of creepy crawly things, that scatter away when you flip that rock over. Your heart carries it all. It’s the only sure thing I know. And anyone who doesn’t believe that our hearts are filled with eternally warring angels and devils is leading with their glass jaw just waiting for a round house right.

Another great truth from my tower of wisdom is you get your heart broken then you gotta pick yourself up and make sure the next time you get them before they get you. I mean, who out there thinks that it’s better to be on the sharp end of the love stake as it plunges into your heart?

Gotta nasty piece of work coming your way. So quick step, stay sharp, ’cause this evil, evil bastard Novak hasn’t a shred of love in his black, black heart.


Above:  Belle

A Screen Capture

  1. The crew of the Transutopian has been eating the “same slop” for a week.
  2. Percy, who dislikes studying history, has been skipping Caravaggio’s tutorials.
  3. Rudolpho dispatches the Transutopian to Pluto, to capture Dr. Novak (now calling himself Mr. Kavon), the “Butcher of Callisto.”  Novak/Kavon has been selling ores on Pluto and keeping the company of Belle (his girlfriend, whom he pretends to love, but really tolerates) and Rusty (a bodyguard).
  4. The settlement on Pluto is possible because of Core Magnetic Resonating Technology, or the projection of electromagnetic domes, beneath which terraforming is possible.
  5. Belle remains in denial about her boyfriend (for whom she kills bounty hunters) until the second half of the episode.
  6. Novak/Kavon has devised a way of fooling DNA identity tests.
  7. Callisto is a moon of Jupiter.
  8. During the Callistian Civil War (2254-2257–or was it actually 2264-2267?), Novak, a member of the Hand of God, a group of scientists obsessed with purity and with accelerating the pace of human evolution, experimented on more than 20,000 victims.  As Novak told Luc, “I once had a very different calling, bioengineering.  I was going to create the new man, something divine.”  Later in the episode, Novak said, “The Cluster lives.”  Subsequently, Novak, speaking to Luc, described the Divinity Cluster as “the most important, most deadly game that’s ever existed.”
  9. Luc, as a young Ranger, helped to liberate a concentration camp on Callisto when Martian and Lunar forces ended the civil war.
  10. I have been pondering the internal chronology of Starhunter.  The main story opens in 2275 (in the original version) or in 2285 (in the Redux version).  In The Divinity Cluster, the first episode, Darius told Luc that Eccleston had discovered the Divinity Cluster three years prior, so in 2272 or 2282.  Yet Novak was working on the Divinity Cluster in 2254-2257.  He even isolated the genes for telepathy and consciousness before he had to flee.  On the other had, as Darius told Dante in Dark and Stormy Night (episode 15), early research on the Divinity Cluster was underway for at least two decades prior to the first season of the series, and the Orchard did not use the term “Divinity Cluster” yet.  We could have a case of retroactive continuity (retconning).
  11. Speaking of internal chronology, how old is Luc?  She was 20 years old in 2257 or 2267.  If we accept the Redux timeline (as we should), she is 48 years old.  She looks closer to 38, though.   Perhaps Luc takes care of herself and ages gracefully.
  12. Simon Fenton was delightful in Matinee (1993), one of my favorite movies, one with a charming movie (Mant–“Half man, half ant, all terror”) inside the movie.  As the Elvis-aping Billy Ray computer virus, however, he is annoying.  This plot is the weaker part of the episode.
  13. An Older Wave, or an electromagnetic wave which one Dr. Older predicted, intersects with the orbit of Pluto every 28,693 years.
  14. Belle kills Luc.  Either Dante or Luc kill Belle.
  15. Rudolpho receives double the bounty for Novak.
  16. Michael Halsey portrays the evil Dr. Novak very well.
  17. The special effects for Pluto and the Older Wave in the Redux version are better than those in the original version.  A good story, however, is not about special effects.

Next:  Peer Pressure, with perhaps the worst mother since Medea.




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  2. I commend, and cannot believe the thorough comparisons you work between the original Starhunter and the work we did in Starhunter REDUX, on your site. Wow. I’m biased of course, so I won’t ever comment on whether I agree or not with comments, but it’s very rewarding to find there are people “out there” who actually care (regardless of if I always share the opinion). If you sustain the effort to episode 222, (the 44th episode) I willl be super interested in your opinion (that’s where the most radical changes happen. If there’s ever any Starhunter things we can provide you with to help you in your task please ask. Anything we send is “no strings attached”. Thank you – Oh yeah, the 2275 and 2285 thing, just FYI, it’s supposed to go like this… In 2275, Dante’s infant child Travis was kidnapped, Percy’s Parents and Dante’s wife (Penny) were killed. Percy was just eight years old then We don’t ever see any of that. 10 years later, 2285, is when we first meet Dante and 18 year old Percy. So both dates are correct, one does not contradict the other. MINOR SPOILER, IN SEASON THREE (Starhunter SOLSYS) we flash back for the first time to 2275 when the raiders lay Dante and Penny’s farm to ruin. The scripts have vary compelling scenes to this effect.


    • Thank you very much.

      With some other series one can find background information more easily than with the “Starhunter” shows. I strive to write from the position of being as well-informed as possible. I welcome any information you wish to provide. Part of the beauty of blogging is that the author of a post can update that post, as I am have been doing while pondering “Starhunter Redux.”

      I had wondered how old Percy was supposed to be. I had guessed about 16 years old, actually.

      I am about to start recording podcasts about “Starhunter Redux” with Eugene Glover of the Fusion Patrol podcast. We are on schedule to begin next week, with episode 1, “The Divinity Cluster.” Given my desire to speak of what I know, not out of my ignorance, I hope you will kindly pass along any information you think I need to include.

      Thank you for all your work on “Starhunter.”

      I recall that, in the original series, the main action opened in 2275, and that, in “Black Light,” the year was 2276. Moving the beginning of the main action to 2285 works well toward keeping the mathematics of being hyperspace for about 15 years and emerging in 2300 in order.

      Speaking of chronology, if Eccleston discovered the Divinity Cluster in 2282, what did Novak think he was working on in the 2250s and what did Penny think she was working on in the 2270s? I accept the 2285 date for the first episode, of course. I also ponder the in-universe timeline.

      I have been trying to remember the name of the episode in which Dante tells a raider the date of the abduction of Travis. I will come to it in time, as I watch one episode then the other. Then I compare the original version to the Redux version, of course.

      When will “Starhunter Transformation” become available?

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